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ISA Transactions

Dan Ye, Mengmeng Chen, Kui Li
In this paper, we consider the distributed containment control problem of multi-agent systems with actuator bias faults based on observer method. The objective is to drive the followers into the convex hull spanned by the dynamic leaders, where the input is unknown but bounded. By constructing an observer to estimate the states and bias faults, an effective distributed adaptive fault-tolerant controller is developed. Different from the traditional method, an auxiliary controller gain is designed to deal with the unknown inputs and bias faults together...
June 22, 2017: ISA Transactions
Yunji Li, Peng Li, Wen Chen
An energy-efficient data transmission scheme for remote state estimation is proposed and experimentally evaluated in this paper. This new transmission strategy is presented by proving an upper bound of the system performance. Stability of the remote estimator is proved under the condition that some of the observation measurements are lost in a random probability. An experimental platform of two coupled water tanks with a wireless sensor node is established to evaluate and verify the proposed transmission scheme...
June 20, 2017: ISA Transactions
Liguang Xu, Jiankang Li, Shuzhi Sam Ge
This paper investigates the impulsive stabilization problem of fractional differential systems (FDSs in short). Both the global exponential stability and ultimate boundedness criteria are established using Lyapunov functions, algebraic inequality techniques and boundedness of Mittag-Leffler functions. It is shown that unstable and unbounded FDSs can be stable and bounded respectively under impulsive control. Examples and simulations are also provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the derived theoretical results...
June 19, 2017: ISA Transactions
Z Gallehdari, N Meskin, K Khorasani
In this paper, distributed control reconfiguration strategies for directed switching topology networked multi-agent systems are developed and investigated. The proposed control strategies are invoked when the agents are subject to actuator faults and while the available fault detection and isolation (FDI) modules provide inaccurate and unreliable information on the estimation of faults severities. Our proposed strategies will ensure that the agents reach a consensus while an upper bound on the team performance index is ensured and satisfied...
June 16, 2017: ISA Transactions
Jitendra Kr Jain, Sandip Ghosh, Somnath Maity, Pawel Dworak
Decoupling of the stator currents is important for smoother torque response of indirect vector controlled induction motors. Typically, feedforward decoupling is used to take care of current coupling that requires exact knowledge of motor parameters, additional circuitry and signal processing. In this paper, a method is proposed to design the regulating proportional-integral gains that minimize coupling without any requirement of the additional decoupler. The variation of the coupling terms for change in load torque is considered as the performance measure...
June 14, 2017: ISA Transactions
Fatemeh Khani, Mohammad Haeri
This paper proposes a tracking control strategy for nonlinear systems without needing a prior knowledge of the reference trajectory. The proposed method consists of a set of local controllers with appropriate overlaps in their stability regions and an on-line switching strategy which implements these controllers and uses some augmented intermediate controllers to ensure steering the system states to the desired set points without needing to redesign the controller for each value of set point changes. The proposed approach provides smooth transient responses despite switching among the local controllers...
June 12, 2017: ISA Transactions
Carlos Ma, Michael Z Q Chen, James Lam, Kie Chung Cheung
In the common practice of designing an attitude tracker for an aerospacecraft, one transforms the Newton-Euler rotation equations to obtain the dynamic equations of some chosen inertial frame based attitude metrics, such as Euler angles and unit quaternions. A Lyapunov approach is then used to design a controller which ensures asymptotic convergence of the attitude to the desired orientation. Although this design methodology is pretty standard, it usually involves singularity-prone coordinate transformations which complicates the analysis process and controller design...
June 12, 2017: ISA Transactions
Feng Yu, Zhizhong Mao, Ping Yuan, Dakuo He, Mingxing Jia
This paper focuses on the recursive parameter estimation for the single input single output Hammerstein-Wiener system model, and the study is then extended to a rarely mentioned multiple input single output Hammerstein-Wiener system. Inspired by the extended Kalman filter algorithm, two basic recursive algorithms are derived from the first and the second order Taylor approximation. Based on the form of the first order approximation algorithm, a modified algorithm with larger parameter convergence domain is proposed to cope with the problem of small parameter convergence domain of the first order one and the application limit of the second order one...
June 10, 2017: ISA Transactions
Yiqi Liu, Ali M Bazzi
Preventing induction motors (IMs) from failure and shutdown is important to maintain functionality of many critical loads in industry and commerce. This paper provides a comprehensive review of fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) methods targeting all the four major types of faults in IMs. Popular FDD methods published up to 2010 are briefly introduced, while the focus of the review is laid on the state-of-the-art FDD techniques after 2010, i.e. in 2011-2015 and some in 2016. Different FDD methods are introduced and classified into four categories depending on their application domains, instead of on fault types like in many other reviews, to better reveal hidden connections and similarities of different FDD methods...
June 9, 2017: ISA Transactions
Baris Baykant Alagoz
With power mapping (conformal mapping), stability analyses of fractional order linear time invariant (LTI) systems are carried out by consideration of the root locus of expanded degree integer order polynomials in the principal Riemann sheet. However, it is essential to show the left half plane (LHP) stability analysis of fractional order characteristic polynomials in the s plane in order to close the gap emerging in stability analyses of fractional order and integer order systems. In this study, after briefly discussing the relation between the characteristic root orientations and the system stability, the author presents a methodology to establish principal characteristic polynomials to perform the LHP stability analysis of fractional order systems...
June 9, 2017: ISA Transactions
Wei Shen, Yu Pang, Jihai Jiang
Recently, much effort has been directed toward the large throttling loss and low efficiency of the valve control system widely applied in steering system of ships. This paper presents an Integrated Direct-Drive Volume Control (IDDVC) electro-hydraulic servo system with the advantages of high efficiency and energy conservation. Firstly, the simulation model of IDDVC is improved by software AMESim, including the nonlinear interaction of the motor-pump and the oil supply ignored by traditional transfer function model...
June 8, 2017: ISA Transactions
Mohammad Khan, Malik Tahiyat, Syed Imtiaz, M A A Shoukat Choudhury, Faisal Khan
Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control is widely practised as the base layer controller in the industry due to its robustness and design simplicity. However, a supervisory control layer over the base layer, namely a model predictive controller (MPC), is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of computer process control. The use of a supervisory layer has led to different control structures. In this study, we perform an objective investigation of several commonly used control structures such as 'Cascaded PI controller', 'DMC cascaded to PI' and 'Direct DMC'...
June 6, 2017: ISA Transactions
Wei Qian, Manman Yuan, Lei Wang, Xuhui Bu, Junqi Yang
The paper considers the stabilization for systems with interval time-varying delay. By decomposing the delay interval into multiple equidistant subintervals and considering the triple integral terms, a novel Lyapunov-krasovskii functional(LKF) is defined. Then extended integral inequality and convex combination approach are used to estimate the derivative of the constructed functional, and as a result, the new stability criterion with less conservatism and decision variables is obtained. On this basis, the state feedback controller is designed, by using linearization method, the existence condition of controller is obtained in terms of linear matrix inequalities(LMIs), and the specific form of controller is also given, moreover, by selecting the appropriate parameter value, the stabilization time of the system can be reduced...
June 3, 2017: ISA Transactions
Runmin Hou, Li Wang, Qiang Gao, Yuanglong Hou, Chao Wang
This paper proposes a novel indirect adaptive fuzzy wavelet neural network (IAFWNN) to control the nonlinearity, wide variations in loads, time-variation and uncertain disturbance of the ac servo system. In the proposed approach, the self-recurrent wavelet neural network (SRWNN) is employed to construct an adaptive self-recurrent consequent part for each fuzzy rule of TSK fuzzy model. For the IAFWNN controller, the online learning algorithm is based on back propagation (BP) algorithm. Moreover, an improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) is used to adapt the learning rate...
June 2, 2017: ISA Transactions
Yi-You Hou
This article addresses an evolutionary programming (EP) algorithm technique-based and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control methods are established to guarantee synchronization of the master and slave Rikitake chaotic systems. For PID synchronous control, the evolutionary programming (EP) algorithm is used to find the optimal PID controller parameters kp, ki, kd by integrated absolute error (IAE) method for the convergence conditions. In order to verify the system performance, the basic electronic components containing operational amplifiers (OPAs), resistors, and capacitors are used to implement the proposed chaotic Rikitake systems...
June 2, 2017: ISA Transactions
Nowrouz Mohammad Nouri, Mehrdad Valadi
Input design has a dominant role in developing the dynamic model of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) through system identification. Optimal input design is the process of generating informative inputs that can be used to generate the good quality dynamic model of AUVs. In a problem with optimal input design, the desired input signal depends on the unknown system which is intended to be identified. In this paper, the input design approach which is robust to uncertainties in model parameters is used. The Bayesian robust design strategy is applied to design input signals for dynamic modeling of AUVs...
June 2, 2017: ISA Transactions
B B Naik, A J Mehta
This article presents design of Sliding Mode Controller with proportional integral type sliding function for DC-DC Buck Converter for the controlled power supply. The converter with conventional sliding mode controller results in a steady state error in load voltage. The proposed modified sliding function improves the steady state and dynamic performance of the Convertor and facilitates better choices of controller tuning parameters. The conditions for existence of sliding modes for proposed control scheme are derived...
June 1, 2017: ISA Transactions
Ting Wang, Tao Li, Guobao Zhang, Shumin Fei
This paper studies the asymptotic stability for a class of neutral systems with mixed time-varying delays. Through utilizing some Wirtinger-based integral inequalities and extending the convex combination technique, the upper bound on derivative of Lyapunov-Krasovskii (L-K) functional can be estimated more tightly and three mixed-delay-dependent criteria are proposed in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), in which the nonlinearity and parameter uncertainties are also involved, respectively. Different from those existent works, based on the interconnected relationship between neutral delay and state one, some novel triple integral functional terms are constructed and the conservatism can be effectively reduced...
May 30, 2017: ISA Transactions
Sy Dzung Nguyen, Hoang Duy Vo, Tae-Il Seo
It is difficult to efficiently control nonlinear systems in the presence of uncertainty and disturbance (UAD). One of the main reasons derives from the negative impact of the unknown features of UAD as well as the response delay of the control system on the accuracy rate in the real time of the control signal. In order to deal with this, we propose a new controller named CO-FSMC for a class of nonlinear control systems subjected to UAD, which is constituted of a fuzzy sliding mode controller (FSMC) and a fuzzy-based compensator (CO)...
May 30, 2017: ISA Transactions
Tawfik Najeh, Abdelkader Mbarek, Kais Bouzrara, Lotfi Nabli, Hassani Messaoud
The ARX-Laguerre model is a very important reduced complexity representation of linear system. However a significant reduction of this model is subject to an optimal choice of both Laguerre poles. Therefore we propose in this paper two new methods to estimate, from input/output measurements, the optimal values of Laguerre poles of the ARX-Laguerre model. The first method is based on the Newton-Raphson's iterative technique where we prove that the gradient and the Hessian can be expressed analytically. The second method is based on Genetic Algorithms...
May 29, 2017: ISA Transactions
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