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Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

A A Naumov, A V Dubrovskii, M M Potselueva, S A Tikhonenko
Relationship between changes in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in rats and concentration and charge of polyelectrolyte microcapsules was studied by the Panchenkov method. Positively charged microcapsules reduced erythrocyte sedimentation rate in a concentrationdependent manner. This effect was related to a decrease in the content of high-molecularweight proteins in the plasma due to their adsorption in positively charged microcapsules with polyacrylamide surface layer.
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
V G Zilov, V M Eskov, A A Khadartsev, V V Eskov
The necessity of studying the Bernstein effect "repetition without repetition" is dictated by the absence of quantitative description of this effect and models that could describe such unique phenomena as repeated limb movements in a person in various mental states. In 30 nominally healthy volunteers (15 men, 15 women aged 24-25 years), tappingrams and tremorograms were recorded using an eddy current sensor with an oscillatory circuit (1 MHz) and an amplifier with recording frequency 0-1000 Hz and minimum amplitude of 0...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
I Yu Maklakova, D Yu Grebnev
The effect of allogenic combined transplantation of placental multipotent mesenchymal stromal and hemopoietic stem cells on regeneration of the myeloid tissue and spleen after acute blood loss was studied in laboratory mice. Combined transplantation of these cells did not change the content of cytogenetically modified cells in the bone marrow under normal conditions, but reduced their levels after acute blood loss. Combined transplantation of multipotent mesenchymal stromal and hemopoietic stem cells promoted activation of erythropoiesis and granulocytopoiesis...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
S A Kryzhanovskii, T A Antipova, I B Tsorin, E S Pekeldina, S V Nikolaev, A V Sorokina, I A Miroshkina, T A Gudasheva, S B Seredenin
The effects of GK-1, a monomeric dipeptide mimetic of nerve growth factor (NGF) loop 4, on angiogenesis were studied in vitro and in vivo. Experiments on human umbilical vein endothelial cells HUVEC showed that the test compound did not affect tubulogenesis (initial stage of angiogenesis) and prevented realization of the angiogenic effect of NGF and its dimeric dipeptide mimetic GK-2. Experiments on rat hind limb ischemia model demonstrated that GK-1 (1 mg/kg/day intraperitoneally over 14 days) significantly reduced the density of the capillary network in ischemic tissue and increased the number and area of Zenker necrosis in comparison with the control...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L V Tatyanenko, N Yu Shmatko, N A Sanina, O V Dobrokhotova, I Yu Pikhteleva, A I Kotel'nikov, S M Aldoshin
We studied the effects of water-soluble cationic dinitrosyl iron complexes with thiocarbamide and its aliphatic derivatives, new synthetic analogs of natural NO donors, active centers of nitrosyl [1Fe-2S]proteins, on activities of Ca(2+)-ATPase of sarcoplasmic reticulum and cGMP phosphodiesterase. Nitrosyl iron complexes [Fe(C3N2H8S)Cl(NO)2](0)[Fe(NO)2(C3N2H8S)2](+)Cl(-) (I), [Fe(SC(N(CH3)2)2(NO)2]Cl (II), [Fe(SC(NH2)2)2(NO)2Cl×H2O (III), and [Fe(SC(NH2)2)2(NO)2]2SO4×H2O (IV) in a concentration of 10(-4) M completely inhibited the transporting and hydrolytic functions of Ca(2+)-ATPase...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
V S Morozova, S N Petrochenko, M A Myagkova, S O Bachurin
The levels of natural antibodies to β-endorphin, bradykinin, histamine, dopamine, and serotonin were measured in 271 cardiological patients in order to evaluate the severity of their clinical status. The patients were distributed into groups differing by the course of the pathological process. The levels of natural antibodies to all antigens were maximum in patients with cardiosclerosis: the content of antibodies to β-endorphin surpassed the control by 46%, to histamine by 62%, to bradykinin by 36%, to dopamine by 49%, and to serotonin by 65%...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
G N Zyuz'kov, N I Suslov, T N Povet'eva, Yu V Nesterova, O G Afanas'eva, E V Udut, L A Miroshnichenko, E V Simanina, T Yu Polyakova, L A Stavrova, A V Chaikovskii, P V Kul'pin, V V Udut, A M Dygai, V V Zhdanov
Psychopharmacological effects of JNK inhibitor were studied using a mouse model of posthypoxic encephalopathy. The preparation exhibited a pronounced cerebroprotective effect manifested in normalization of orientation and exploratory behavior and conditioned responses in posthypoxic mice. These effects were accompanied by marked elevation of neural stem cell content in the paraventricular region of the brain.
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
V Yu Perfil'ev, Ya F Zverev, A Yu Zharikov, V M Bryukhanov
We studied the dynamics of activity of antioxidant enzymes under conditions of experimental urate kidney damage in rats. Combined administration of uric (0.145 g) and oxonium (0.3 g) acids to laboratory animals modulated free radical oxidation in the kidneys, and especially, in the blood. During the week 1, activity of free radical processes decreased, which was probably determined by the antioxidant effect of increasing blood concentration of uric acid. After 2-3 weeks of experimental pathology, the development of oxidative stress was observed, probably due to predominance of prooxidant activity of uric acid...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L A Lyapina, E S Maistrenko
Experimental data on the involvement of the blood anticoagulant system components (heparin complex compounds, short regulatory peptides) in fibrin formation processes are presented. Inhibition of thrombin activity and interactions of short glyproline peptides and their heparin complexes with fibrin monomer molecules are demonstrated. Peptides and their heparin complexes prevent the formation of primary polymeric fibrin and exhibit fibrin-depolymerizing activity on the formed polymeric fibrin. The mechanisms underlying the effects of heparin complexes on degradation of fibrin not stabilized with factor XIIIa is discussed on the basis of the results of spectral analysis and coagulation tests...
June 5, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
A M Poltavtsev, R A Poltavtseva, M N Yushina, N E Volgina, E V Svirshchevskaya
We compared the production of 19 humoral factors in mixed cultures of mesenchymal stromal cells from Wharton's jelly and allogenic peripheral blood lymphocytes. For evaluation of the specificity of immunosuppressive activity of mesenchymal stromal cells, comparative analysis of the production of these humoral factors in mixed cultures of lymphocytes and epithelial BxPC-3 cells was conducted. The production of soluble factors in both mono- and mixed cultures significantly correlated (p<0.05). The maximum production was found for proinflammatory chemokine IP-10 and IFN-γ and anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
Yu A Nashchekina, N M Yudintceva, P O Nikonov, E A Ivanova, L V Smagina, I V Voronkina
Collagen I gels with protein concentrations of 1, 2, and 3.5 mg/ml were prepared and embedded in a porous polylactide scaffold to reduce their contraction. Concentration of the gel did not affect its degradation. Collagen gels promoted the formation of cell networks. The cells in the collagen gel with a concentration of 1 mg/ml embedded in polylactide scaffold had elongated spindle-like shape, in contrast to flattened cells in collagen gel of the same concentration not embedded in the scaffold. Stabilization of the collagen gel in the polylactide scaffold promoted active synthesis of laminin and fibronectin by cells as soon as on day 5 of culturing in comparison with that in free collagen substrate...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
I B Sokolova, I V Sergeev, E V Skorobogataya, A N Ufimtseva, D G Polyntsev, D P Dvoretskii
Using a TV device for studying microcirculation (×40), we analyzed the density of the whole microvascular network and the density of arterioles in the pia mater of the sensorimotor cortex in SHR rats of different ages (3-4 and 12 months) after intracerebral transplantation of human mesenchymal stem cells. We found that the density of pial microvascular network in SHR rats receiving transplantation of human mesenchymal stem cells increased to a level observed in young Wistar-Kyoto rats.
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
E V Kochurova, V N Nikolenko
Complex clinical, dental, and morphological investigation, and ELISA of levels of MMP-2, 8, 9, and TIMP-1 and 2 in the saliva was performed during primary examination of patients with premalignant lesions of maxillofacial area and practically healthy volunteers. Levels of all study MMP in the saliva significantly differed (p≤0.05) in patients with premalignant lesions and the control. These patients were also characterized by a significant (0.1≤p≤0.05) changes in TIMP concentrations (toward pathological pattern) comparing to the control...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
I V Maiborodin, A E Kozyakov, E V Babayants, S E Krasil'nikov
Numerical density of vessels in axillary lymph node structures in breast cancer patients was studied by light microscopy with antibodies to CD34. The correlation between the stage of breast cancer and vascularization of lymph nodes was analyzed. The development of breast cancer was followed by rapid and significant increase in the number of blood vessel in axillary lymph nodes in general and in all their specific areas, especially in the paracortex and medullary substance. Strong or very strong positive correlation between the stage of tumor process and parameters of vascularization was observed in various areas of the axillary lymph nodes...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
P A Mel'nikov, V P Baklaushev, A N Gabashvili, N V Nukolova, I I Kuznetsov, S A Cherepanov, F A Koshkin, A V Leopol'd, V P Chekhonin
We studied internalization of vector nanocarriers loaded with plasmid DNA into C6 glioma cells. For improving selectivity of plasmid delivery, the liposomes were conjugated with monoclonal antibodies to VEGF and its receptor VEGFR2. Flow cytofluorometry and laser scanning confocal microscopy showed more intensive (more than 2-fold) internalization and accumulation of antibody-vectorized liposomes in C6 glioma cells in comparison with the control (liposomes conjugated with non-specific antibodies and non-vectorized liposomes)...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
D M Gabitova, I F Shaidullov, G I Sabirullina, M U Shafigullin, F G Sitdikov, G F Sitdikova
We studied the role of cyclic nucleotides in the influence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) donor, sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS, 200 μM), on motor activity of rat jejunum. NaHS reduced spontaneous and carbachol-induced contractions of rat jejunum segment, which suggests that H2S can act through mechanisms involving muscarinic receptor activation. Against the background of a membrane-penetrating non-hydrolyzable cAMP analogue or under conditions of adenylate cyclase blockade, the inhibitory effect of NaHS on the carbachol-induced contractions was maintained...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
Yu B Lishmanov, S Yu Tsibul'nikov, N V Naryzhnaya, M V Korobov, L N Maslov
In Wistar rats, stress was modeled by 24-h immobilization in a supine posture and stress-induced damage to the heart was assessed by accumulation of (99m)Tc-pyrophosphate in the myocardium. The intensity of stress reaction was measured by serum levels of cortisol and insulin. Both stressinduced damage to the heart and intensity of stress reaction were examined under control conditions and in rats treated with opioid receptor antagonists naltrexone, methylnaltrexone bromide, MR2266, and ICI174.864. Activation of central μ-opioid receptors with endogenous opioids aggravated stress-induced cardiomyopathy, while stimulation of peripheral μ-opioid receptors produced a cardioprotective effect...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
V A Zolotarev, Yu V Andreeva, E Vershinina, R P Khropycheva
Neuronal NO synthase blocker 7-nitroindazole suppressed bicarbonate secretion in rat gastric mucosa induced by mild local irritation with 1 M NaCl (pH 2.0). Non-selective blocker of neuronal and endothelial synthases, Nω-nitro-L-arginine (L-NNA), did not affect HCO3(-) production, but inhibited secretion after pretreatment with omeprazole. Non-selective cyclooxygenase blocker indomethacin inhibited HCO3(-) production under conditions of normal synthase activity and in the presence of L-NNA, but was ineffective when co-administered with 7-nitroindazole...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
A A Ansheles, A V Rvacheva, I V Sergienko
In 58 patients with coronary heart disease, the count of CD34(+)CD133(+)CD309(+) endothelial progenitor cells in the blood was determined and the dynamics of the content of endothelial progenitor cells, angiogenic growth factors, and lipid parameters over 3 months of atorvastatin therapy was analyzed. Atorvastatin was administered in daily doses of 10 mg (26 patients) and 40 mg (32 patients). Control group comprised 15 healthy volunteers. In patients with coronary heart disease, the count of endothelial progenitor cells was lower by 4 times, the level of VEGF was higher by 52%, and the level of endostatin was lower by 13% than in healthy volunteers...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L V Kapilevich, T A Kironenko, A N Zakharova, A V Kabachkova, S N Orlov
We measured the concentrations of IL-6 and IL-15 in blood plasma of mice at different terms after forced swimming, taking into account exercise intensity and preliminary training. It was shown that training was an important factor affecting blood plasma level of IL both at rest and after single forced swimming: in trained animals, the concentration of both myokines increased immediately after swimming, while in untrained animals, this increase was observed only after 5 h. Changes in cytokine production against the background of training can be associated with various factors, including neuroendocrine mechanisms, stress, modification of intracellular signaling, as well as reorganization of transcriptional mechanisms in muscle fibers...
June 3, 2017: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
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