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Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

E A Braga, V I Loginov, A M Burdennyi, E A Filippova, I V Pronina, S V Kurevlev, T P Kazubskaya, D N Kushlinskii, D O Utkin, V D Ermilova, N E Kushlinskii
MicroRNA and methylation are important epigenetic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of cancer. The role of a group of microRNA hypermethylated genes in the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer was studied and their diagnostic and prognostic potential was evaluated. Studies on a representative sample of 54 ovarian cancer specimens with the use of methyl-specific PCR resulted in detection of five microRNA genes (MIR-9-1, MIR-9-3, MIR-107, MIR-1258, and MIR-130b) methylated in the majority of tumor specimens in comparison with paired specimens of histologically intact tissue (37-57% vs...
January 9, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L L Pavlik, I B Mikheeva, Ya M Al'-Mugkhrabi, V P Berest, Yu I Kirova, E L Germanova, L D Luk'yanova, G D Mironova
We performed ultrastructural study of cerebral cortex mitochondria in rats with different tolerance to oxygen deficiency (low resistant and highly resistant specimens). Low resistant rats were characterized by the prevalence of mitochondria with lightened matrix due to the nondense packing of cristae. By contrast, mitochondria of highly resistant animals had the dense packing of cristae. The structure of mitochondria underwent adaptive changes at 14-10% O2 in the inspired air. Under these conditions, structural characteristics of the cerebral cortex in hypoxia-sensitive rats resembled those in resistant animals...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
E V Svirshchevskaya, A M Poltavtsev, G Zh Os'mak, R A Poltavtseva
Mesenchymal stromal cells possess immunosuppressive properties that might be used for the therapy of inflammatory diseases of various geneses. The effects of mesenchymal stromal cells depend on their lifetime in the recipient tissues. During heterologous transplantation, mesenchymal stromal cells are eliminated by NK cells. We studied NK cell formation in mixed cultures of Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stromal cells and peripheral blood lymphocytes from an autologous donor. Lymphocytes were activated by a mitogen or IL-2...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
S A Cherepanov, N F Grinenko, O M Antonova, P B Kurapov, I I Shepeleva, V P Chekhonin
The effects of Hedgehog signaling inhibitor (cyclopamine) and activator (Shh) on drug resistance of U251-MG human glioma cells and human astrocyte culture to cisplatin, temozolomide, and doxorubicin were studied. Cyclopamine and Shh modified the drug resistance of U251-MG cells but not of human astrocytes. Experiments with cyclopamine, Shh, and chemical drugs can contribute to detection of the mechanisms of signaling effects on the drug resistance processes, while the experimental data can serve as one of the criteria for choosing individual chemotherapy for patients...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
N V Zaitseva, T S Ulanova, O V Dolgikh, T V Nurislamova, O A Mal'tseva
The concentration of N-nitrosamines (N-nitrosodimethylamine and N-nitrosodiethylamine) was measured in blood samples from children after consumption of drinking water with high content of nitrates (main group) or water meeting health standards (reference group). N-nitrosodimethylamine level in the blood from children of the main group differed from that in the reference group by 2.6 times (0.00026±0.00012 and 0.0001±0.00092 mg/dm3, respectively; p<0.05). The specific immune response to N-nitrosodimethylamine exposure was manifested in an increase in the level of specific serum IgG (2 times higher than that in the reference group)...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L D Lukyanova, Yu I Kirova, E L Germanova
Hypoxia-induced immediate expression of transcription factor HIF-1α in the brain cortex is regulated by succinate produced in both the tricarbonic acid cycle and GABA shunt reactions and is induced by succinate-containing drugs. These facts prove the existence of succinate-dependent signalling regulation involved in immediate and delayed molecular adaptation and increased body resistance to oxygen deficiency, where succinate acts as a signal molecule. The intensity of this process differs in animals with low and high resistance to hypoxia...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
E V Ivanov, A B Berdalin, Yu L Volkova, M A Markov, M P Davydova, S A Gavrilova
Expression of inducible NO-synthase mRNA and myocardial infiltration with neutrophils were studied in rats with modeled permanent ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion models. Expression of inducible NO synthase mRNA in the ischemic region increased significantly in 3, 3.5, and 4 h in modeled ischemia/reperfusion and in 3.5 and 4 h in permanent ischemia. Myocardial infiltration with neutrophils was significantly higher than in intact controls throughout the experiment without significant intergroup differences...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
I A Prokop'ev, E V Filippov, G V Filippova, A K Zhanataev
The effect of usnic acid enantiomers on the genotoxic effects of dioxidine and methyl methanesulfonate was studied in vitro in human peripheral blood lymphocytes by the DNA comet method. We found that usnic acid enantiomers in a concentration range of 0.01-1.00 μM demonstrated pronounced antigenotoxic activity and reduced DNA damage induced by genotoxicants by 37-70%. In the same concentration range, the test enantiomers reduced the level of atypical DNA comets (hedgehogs) induced by genotoxicants by 23-61%...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
L Yu Telegin, S Kh Sarmanaev, V M Devichenskii, V A Tutelyan
Comparative study of the liver, blood, and spleen of DBA/2JSto and BALB/cJLacSto mice sensitive and resistant to acute toxicity of the cyclophosphamide allowed us to reveal basic toxicity biomarkers of this antitumor and immunosuppressive agent. Obtained results can be used for the development of an algorithm for evaluation of toxic effects of drugs and food components.
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
G N Zyuz'kov, E V Udut, L A Miroshnichenko, T Yu Polyakova, E V Simanina, L A Stavrova, A V Chaikovskii, V I Agafonov, E V Borodulina, M S Timofeev, Yu N Zyuz'kova, M G Danilets, V V Zhdanov, V V Udut
The role of JAK/STAT3-mediated signaling pathway in the realization of the growth potential of mesenchymal precursor cells was examined in vitro. The stimulating role of JAKs and STAT3 towards proliferating activity of progenitor cells and their different role in the regulation of differentiation of the progenitor elements were demonstrated. Inhibitors of JAKs and STAT3 reduced the yield of fibroblast CFU and their mitotic activity. Blockade of JAKs accelerated and selective inactivation of STAT3 decelerated differentiation of progenitor cells...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
O S Levchenkova, V E Novikov, E S Abramova, Zh A Feoktistova
The content of regulatory proteins involved in adaptation to hypoxia and ischemia was studied in brain rat homogenate under conditions of normoxia and after bilateral ligation of the common carotid arteries. Preconditioning with amtizole in combination with moderate hypoxia increased the levels of HIF-1α, erythropoietin, vascular endothelial growth factor under conditions of normoxia. During experimental ischemia, combined preconditioning led to stabilization of the content of these regulatory proteins at the level of intact control and to a decrease in glycogen synthase-3β kinase activity...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
S I Ryabov, M A Zvyagintseva, E O Osidak, V A Smirnov
Replacement of the removal site of the spinal cord on a collagen implant restores the motor function of the hind limbs in rats to the level of movements in the two joints for 8 weeks. After intravenous administration of mononuclear cells of human umbilical blood, recovery accelerated, significantly improved to the level of motion in the three joints, and there is a tendency to improve further recovery of movements.
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
A I Shchegolev, A G Bykov, N M Faizullina, L V Adamyan
A comparative immunohistochemical study for the expression of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) was performed in tissues of the eutopic endometrium and ovarian endometriosis. The highest level of MGMT expression in eutopic endometrial tissue was observed in epitheliocyte nuclei during the proliferative phase. In regions of endometriosis the expression of MGMT in epitheliocyte nuclei was shown to increase during stages I and II, but decreased in stages III and IV. The progression of endometriosis was accompanied by a gradual increase of study parameters in the nuclei and cytoplasm of stromal cells...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
T Yu Dolgikh, E V Sholenberg, I V Kachesov, S R Senchukova
Clinical and morphological investigation of myelofibrosis was performed in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia by analyzing the morphometric parameters of trepan-biopsy material. The correlation between changes in the parameters of erythron system and distribution of myelofibrosis were analyzed. In patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the maximum suppression of the erythron was observed against the background of severe myelofibrosis...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
A A Panevin, S G Zhuravskii
The otoprotective effect of immobilized hydrocortisone was studied on the model of acute acoustic injury to the auditory analyzer in male Wistar rats. The effects of true solution and suspension where polyvinylpyrrolidone particles (100-500 nm) served as dispersed phase (hydrocortisone concentration 5 mg/kg). The agents were administered immediately after continuous acoustic stimulation: 5 kHz tone, 110 dB for 2 h. The hearing status was evaluated by the amplitude of otoacoustic emission at the distortion product frequency (4-6...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
S N Shatokhina, V V Aleksandrin, I S Shatokhina, A A Kubatiev, V N Shabalin
Reversible cerebral ischemia of medium severity was reproduced in male Wistar rats by bilateral occlusion of the common carotid arteries. Solid-phase structures (anisomorphons) were obtained by marginal dehydration of the serum. Small focal isotropic defects in the serum anisomorphon texture were found in 100% cases during occlusion of the carotid arteries. Similar signs were detected in all patients with chronic cerebral ischemia, which proved specificity of this morphological marker of the disease.
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
M A Suvorova, T A Kramskaya, A N Suvorov, E P Kiseleva
Immunomodulatory properties of S. pyogenes protein M111 were studied on the model of Gurov strain and its isogenic mutant not expressing M protein. Mouse resident peritoneal macrophages were incubated with bacteria and generation of nitroxide and superoxide anions and production of IL-6, IL-10, and IL-17 were evaluated. Protein M111 modified macrophage response: it exhibited antiphagocytic activity, prevented ROS formation, and stimulated the production of anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10. The results suggested that this protein could serve in the bacteria as a factor suppressing the host defense forces and promoting the realization of the strategy beneficial for pathogens - escape from the host immune defense...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
D S Afanas'eva, M B Gushchina, S A Borzenok
We compared histological structure of the orbital and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Quantitative morphometry showed that the mean diameter of adipocytes and their volume density in the orbital adipose tissue were significantly lower than in the subcutaneous fat, while volume density of vessels and elements of the connective tissue in the orbital adipose tissue was higher. Previously known and revealed here differences in the structure of orbital and subcutaneous adipose tissue do not answer the question, whether subcutaneous adipose tissue can be used for replacement of the orbital tissue deficit...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
A E Antushevich, A E Antushevich, A N Grebenyuk, D A Khalyutin, A A Yartseva
An experimental model of alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis in white outbred rats was developed: intragastric administration of 40% ethanol (3 g/kg) every other day for 3 weeks and simultaneous intraperitoneal administration of 1% of N-nitrozodimethylamine (5 mg/kg) for 4 consecutive days of each week.
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
V V Krasnov, M V Stogov, T A Silant'eva, N V Kubrak, E A Kireeva
We propose an in vitro method for studying permeability of spinal cord dura mater for components of autological serum using an original device. Sixty native samples of the spinal cord dura mater obtained from 12 mongrel dogs were used for testing of the device. The coefficient of permeability variation (V) for blood serum substances did not exceed 5% in most cases excluding lactate (V=8.03%). Analysis of spinal cord dura mater permeability in vitro for various substances using the developed device provides reproducible results with acceptable variability (5-10%)...
January 8, 2018: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
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