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Angle Orthodontist

Chiara Pavoni, Valeria Paoloni, Luis Tomas Huanca Ghislanzoni, Giuseppina Laganà, Paola Cozza
OBJECTIVE: To analyze variations in palatal morphology in subjects presenting unilaterally impacted maxillary permanent central incisors compared with a control group of subjects without eruption anomalies using a three-dimensional (3D) analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-six white subjects (10 girls and 16 boys; mean age 9.5 ± 1.5 years) with unilaterally impacted maxillary permanent central incisors (impacted incisor group [IIG]) were compared with a control group (CG) of 26 subjects (14 girls and 12 boys, mean age 8...
October 20, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Isil Aras, Aylin Pasaoglu
OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of comprehensive fixed appliance treatments implemented in combination with Forsus or intermaxillary elastics in Class II subdivision subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-eight Class II subdivision patients were allocated to two groups using matched randomization: Forsus group (mean age, 14.19 ± 1.02 years) and elastics group (mean age, 13.75 ± 1.16 years). Patients received fixed appliance therapy in combination with either Forsus or intermaxillary elastics...
October 13, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Takeshi Muguruma, Masahiro Iijima, Toshihiro Yuasa, Kyotaro Kawaguchi, Itaru Mizoguchi
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the coatings covering esthetic orthodontic wires and the influence of such coatings on bending and frictional properties. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Four commercially available, coated esthetic archwires were evaluated for their cross-sectional dimensions, surface roughness (Ra), nanomechanical properties (nanohardness, nanoelastic modulus), three-point bending, and static frictional force. Matched, noncoated control wires were also assessed. RESULTS: One of the coated wires had a similar inner core dimension and elasticity compared to the noncoated control wire, and no significant differences between their static frictional forces were observed...
October 12, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Xuhong Qu, Zhijian Liu, Yunlong Wang, Yi Fang, Mingyuan Du, Hong He
OBJECTIVE: To identify dentofacial anatomic traits associated with lower incisor cancellous bone thickness (LICBT) and then to assess their separate contributions and their combined contributions to the variation in LICBT. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A consecutive sample of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) data taken in a university hospital within the same setting was retrospectively reviewed. Within the sample, CBCT data of 252 eligible subjects were reconstructed and measured for LICBT, facial traits, and mandibular symphyseal traits...
October 10, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Xiaolong Li, Qing Zhao, Rui Zhao, Meiya Gao, Xiaolei Gao, Wenli Lai
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of occlusal plane control on the hyoid bone position and pharyngeal airway of hyperdivergent skeletal Class II patients during orthodontic treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cephalograms of 47 hyperdivergent skeletal Class II subjects with occlusal plane control (OPC), and another 50 subjects without occlusal plane control (NOPC) were selected to compare the effects of the occlusal plane control procedure. Lateral cephalograms before treatment (T1), immediately after treatment (T2), and an average of 12 months after treatment (T3) were obtained, and 17 measurements were analyzed in each group and compared between groups...
October 7, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Lishu Feng, Yimei Zhang, Xiaoxing Kou, Ruili Yang, Dawei Liu, Xuedong Wang, Yang Song, Haifeng Cao, Danqing He, Yehua Gan, Yanheng Zhou
OBJECTIVE: To examine the role of cadherin-11, an integral membrane adhesion molecule, in periodontal ligament cells (PDLCs) under mechanical stimulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human PDLCs were cultured and subjected to mechanical stress. Cadherin-11 expression and cell morphology of PDLCs were investigated via immunofluorescence staining. The mRNA and protein expressions of cadherin-11 and type I collagen (Col-I) of PDLCs were evaluated by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and Western blot, respectively...
September 30, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Mariana Roennau Lemos Rinaldi, Eduardo Martinelli de Lima, Luciane Macedo de Menezes, Susana Maria Deon Rizzatto, Paulo Ricardo Baccarin Matje, Roberto Vanin Pinto Ribeiro
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and compare the eruption rates of lower second premolars (LPm2) at different developmental stages using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospectively, 31 individuals (9.77 ± 1.25 years) had their LPm2 scored according to the Demirjian method, and afterwards they were split into three groups according to developmental stage, as follows: D = complete-formed crowns; E = root length less than crown height; and F = root length greater than or equal to crown height...
September 29, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Yanhua Xu, Jiye Xie
OBJECTIVE: To compare the treatment effects of mini-implants as anchor units with conventional methods of anchorage reinforcement in maxillary dentoalveolar protrusion patients in terms of skeletal, dental, and soft tissue changes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We searched the databases of the Cochrane Library, PubMed, OVIDSP, CBM, VIP, WanFang Data, and CNKI covering December 1966 to March 2016 for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and clinical controlled trials that compared the treatment effects of mini-implants with conventional anchorage reinforcement in maxillary dentoalveolar protrusion patients...
September 29, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Ammar Al-Mahdi, Allen R Firestone, Frank Beck, Henry Fischbach
OBJECTIVES: To determine how often general dentists receive gifts from orthodontists, the value and number of the gifts they receive, and how they perceive the motivation behind the gift. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a questionnaire-based study. A questionnaire was constructed and tested for validity and reliability. An electronic version of survey was sent via email to 1300 general dentists. RESULTS: The validity and reliability of the survey was confirmed...
September 21, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Gaetana Raucci, Camila Pachêco-Pereira, Maryam Elyasi, Fabrizia d'Apuzzo, Carlos Flores-Mir, Letizia Perillo
OBJECTIVE: To identify which dental and/or cephalometric variables were predictors of postretention mandibular dental arch stability in patients who underwent treatment with transpalatal arch and lip bumper during mixed dentition followed by full fixed appliances in the permanent dentition. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-one patients were divided into stable and relapse groups based on the postretention presence or absence of relapse. Intercuspid, interpremolar, and intermolar widths; arch length and perimeter; crowding; and lower incisor proclination were evaluated before treatment (T0), after lip bumper treatment (T1), after fixed appliance treatment (T2), and a minimum of 3 years after removal of the full fixed appliance (T3)...
September 21, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Julia N Durham, John W King, Quinton C Robinson, Terry M Trojan
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and compare the long-term skeletodental stability of mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis (MSDO) achieved with the use of tooth-borne vs. hybrid distraction appliances. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Posttreatment and follow-up orthodontic records were collected for 33 patients. The 14 patients who underwent distraction with a tooth-borne appliance had a mean follow-up of 5.08 years. The 19 patients who underwent distraction with a hybrid appliance had a mean follow-up of 6...
September 21, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Thayika Saruttichart, Pintu-On Chantarawaratit, Chalermpol Leevailoj, Panida Thanyasrisung, Waranuch Pitiphat, Oranart Matangkasombut
OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of a motionless ultrasonic toothbrush to a manual toothbrush in reducing dental plaque, gingival inflammation, and mutans streptococci in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-five orthodontic patients were recruited to this crossover study. The patients were randomized into two groups starting with manual or motionless ultrasonic toothbrushes for 30 days. After a 30-day washout period, the patients switched to the other toothbrush type for 30 days...
September 16, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Defne Kecik
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the relationship between palatal morphology and pharyngeal airway morphology in patients who have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and compare with a nonsnoring and nonapneic control group. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three-dimensional maxillary dental cast measurements from 25 OSA patients (6 women, 19 men) with a mean age of 41.5 (4.8) years, and 25 control group participants (14 women, 11 men) without any symptom of OSA with a mean age of 38.3 (3...
September 13, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Guilherme Janson, Aron Aliaga-Del Castillo, Ana Niederberger
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the changes in apical base sagittal relationship in Class II treatment with and without premolar extractions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Controlled studies evaluating ANB angle changes after Class II Division 1 malocclusion treatment with or without premolar extractions were considered. Electronic databases (PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Scopus, The Cochrane Library, Lilacs, and Google Scholar) without limitations regarding publication year or language were searched...
September 6, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Thiago Slaviero, Thais Maria Freire Fernandes, Paula Vanessa Pedron Oltramari-Navarro, Ana Claudia de Castro Ferreira Conti, Marcelo Lupion Poleti, Marcio Rodrigues de Almeida
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the dimensional changes of dental arches on digital models of open bite treatment with fixed and removable palatal cribs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The sample comprised 41 patients of both sexes who were white, aged 7-10 years, and who had mixed dentition, Angle Class I molar relationship, and a negative overbite of at least 1 mm. The sample was randomly divided into two groups: G1, fixed palatal crib; and G2, removable palatal crib. Cast models, obtained initially (T1) and after 1 year of treatment (T2), were scanned by a three-dimensional (3D) scanner, 3Shape R700, producing a 3D image...
September 6, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Paloma González-Gil de Bernabé, José María Montiel-Company, Vanessa Paredes-Gallardo, Jose Luis Gandía-Franco, Carlos Bellot-Arcís
OBJECTIVE: To examine medium- to long-term orthodontic treatment stability and its possible association with certain variables. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In a retrospective longitudinal study of 70 postretention patients, the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index was measured at the start (T1) and end (T2) of treatment and between 4 and 10 years afterwards (T3). The stability was considered absolute when the T2 and T3 values were identical and relative when the difference was within the ±5 range...
September 6, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Shin-Hye Chung, Soha Cho, Kyungsun Kim, Bum-Soon Lim, Sug-Joon Ahn
OBJECTIVE: To compare the antimicrobial and physical properties of experimental primers containing chlorhexidine (CHX) or ursolic acid (UA) with a commercial primer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two antibacterial agents, 3 mg each of CHX and UA were incorporated respectively into 1 ml of Transbond XT primer (TX) to form antibacterial primers, TX-CHX and TX-UA. The antimicrobial activity of the three primers (TX, TX-CHX, and TX-UA) against Streptococcus mutans in both planktonic and biofilm phases was analyzed by determining minimum inhibitory and bactericidal concentrations and by performing growth and biofilm assays...
September 6, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Nan Ru, Sean Shih-Yao Liu, Yuxing Bai, Song Li, Yunfeng Liu, Guanjun Zhou
OBJECTIVE: To investigate three-dimensional microarchitecture and micromechanical properties of alveolar bone in the BoneCeramic grafting sites during orthodontic tooth movement. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty 5-week-old rats were randomly assigned into three groups to receive BoneCeramic, natural bovine cancellous bone particles (Bio-Oss), and no graft, respectively, after the extraction of the left maxillary first molar. After 4 weeks, the maxillary left second molar was moved into the extraction site for 28 days...
August 30, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Jia Wan, Tong Wang, Xibo Pei, Qianbing Wan, Wenkun Feng, Junyu Chen
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of alteration on speech articulation of adult patients between Hawley retainers and vacuum-formed retainers by an objective acoustic analysis of vowels and voiceless fricatives. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty adults, aged 19.0-29.0 years, who had just finished active orthodontic treatment were included in this study. They were divided into a Hawley retainer group and a vacuum-formed retainer group by sortation randomization method...
August 24, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
Ulrike Schütz-Fransson, Rune Lindsten, Krister Bjerklin, Lars Bondemark
OBJECTIVE: To compare the long-term outcome 9 years after removal of two different types of fixed retainers used for stabilization of the mandibular anterior segment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty-four children who had undergone orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances in both arches were divided into two groups depending on which kind of retainer being used. Twenty-eight of the patients had a canine-to-canine retainer bonded to the canines and 36 had a bonded twistflex retainer 3-3, bonded to each tooth...
August 23, 2016: Angle Orthodontist
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