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International Journal of Aging & Human Development

Rachael Spalding, Elissa Kozlov, Brian D Carpenter
Palliative care consultation teams (PCCTs) provide input to other health-care providers working with patients who have life-limiting disease. This study examines whether the diction and phrasing of consultation recommendations in the electronic health record influence their implementation. We reviewed 288 verbatim PCCT recommendations that were made for 111 unique patients in a Veterans Affairs hospital and available in the electronic health record. Recommendations were coded for linguistic features, such as the presence of conditionals (e...
June 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Enayatollah Homaie Rad, Arash Rashidian, Mohamad Arab, Ali Souri
Several factors can force retirees to go to paid work. Catastrophic health-care expenditure (CHCE) is one of the driving forces for retirees to go to paid work. This cross-sectional study was based on 6,307 Iran retirees' data. Xu method was used to calculate CHCE, and a logit model was estimated to show the association between CHCE and bridge employment. Other control variables were added to the model. The findings showed that there was positive relationship between CHCE and bridge employment. Retirement pension had negative relationship with work after retirement...
March 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Rachel Pruchno, Allison R Heid, Maureen Wilson-Genderson
Historical events and personal experiences have the potential to alter the way people age. Using a life-course model, we examined how the Economic Recession of 2008 and experienced life events affected the mental health of 3,393 older adults in New Jersey. Data collected between 2006 and 2012 revealed a significant increase in mean depressive symptoms. Multinomial logistic regression analyses indicated that people with incident depression were more likely to have lost a job, become a caregiver, experienced a major illness, or have a family member with a major illness than people with no depression...
March 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Vanessa M Jacoby, Elisa Krackow, Joseph R Scotti
Attachment-based theories and related research illustrate that emotion regulation develops in the context of a secure relationship between a child and caregiver. When a secure bond is broken, such as in the context of betrayal trauma, children fail to develop necessary emotion regulation skills which can lead to an array of relational problems. The current study examined the relations between betrayal trauma history, type of communication during a stressful interpersonal laboratory task, and emotion regulation difficulties in a sample of trauma-exposed adolescents...
March 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Julie Hicks Patrick, Amy Knepple Carney, Abigail M Nehrkorn
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Jiyoung Lyu, Stefan Agrigoroaei
This study investigated the relationship between childhood misfortune and 10-year change in health and whether this relationship was mediated by the quality of social relations. We used data from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) national longitudinal study, 1995-1996 (Time 1) and 2005-2006 (Time 2). Childhood misfortune was measured at Time 1 using indicators of financial strain, family structure, and abuse. Self-rated physical and mental health indicators were obtained at both occasions. The measure of quality of social relations was based on items relative to social support and social strain from spouse, friends, and family at Time 1...
March 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Monika Klojčnik, Voyko Kavcic, Karin Bakracevic Vukman
Cognitive deficits are a potential part of the clinical picture of depression, especially when it comes to late-life depression. The present study was carried out to establish whether distinctive cognitive deficiencies can be linked with depression in the late-life period, especially in executive functioning, working memory, and visuospatial memory. Our sample consisted of 71 seniors in the age range between 69 and 85 years. A battery of neurocognitive tests was used, including tests of executive functioning (Trail Making Test [TMT], part B, Stroop color word test, semantic word fluency test, and partially Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure test [ROCF]), tests of attention and working memory (TMT, part A and digit span), and test of visuospatil ability and memory (ROCF)...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Jie Yang, Christina Matz-Costa
Although having a younger supervisor or a supervisor of a similar age runs counter to the traditional older supervisor-younger subordinate norm, it is becoming increasingly common in the 21st-century workplace. The current study uses theories of relational demography and relational norms as well as Selective Optimization with Compensation theory and the job demands-resources model to understand how relational age within supervisor-employee dyads influences workers' engagement. Cross-sectional data from a multiworksite (U...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Roscoe Nicholson, Catherine O'Brien
This random assignment waitlist control intervention study examined an implementation of the educational Boost Your Brain and Memory cognitive fitness intervention in 12 senior living organizations. Older adult participants ( n = 166) completed measures of brain health knowledge, use of memory techniques, physical and intellectual activity, and mindfulness, at baseline and after the intervention group's completion of the course. Changes in knowledge scores and in self-reported physical and intellectual activity increased significantly more for intervention participants than for waitlist controls at the conclusion of the course...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Yuri Jang, Soo Young Kim, Sujie Chang
The goal of the present study was to examine factors associated with the attitude toward life-sustaining treatment among older adults in South Korea. Focus was given to sociodemographic characteristics (age, gender, education, financial status, and religious affiliation), family-related variables (presence of a spouse, children, and a living parent [or in-law]), and health-related variables (chronic conditions, functional disability, and self-rated health). Using data from 6,895 participants (aged 65-97) in the 2014 Korean National Elderly Survey, logistic regression model was tested...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Seok In Nam, Junpyo Kim, Jimin Shin, Arram Yim
The aim of this study was to examine the later-life preparation pattern of Korean baby boomers and its effect on depression. Using the fourth wave of Korean Retirement and Income Study, later-life preparation was measured by economic, physical, and psychological preparation, and leisure, and family relationship satisfaction. The data analysis included latent class analysis, correlations, multiple logistic regression, and analysis of variance. Later-life patterns of Korean baby boomers were classified as high-level (35...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Angela Nancy Mendoza, Christine A Fruhauf, Kimberly Bundy-Fazioli, Joyce Weil
The purpose of this article is to provide a summary of the published research addressing the challenges and strengths of Latino grandparents raising grandchildren in the United States. Using the bioecological framework as a guide to organize and understand the published literature addressing Latino grandparent caregivers, we examined refereed articles published over the past 19 years. This framework provides a lens for understanding and situating research on Latino grandparents raising grandchildren to discover Latino grandparents' strengths and challenges...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Justine Irving, Sandra Davis, Aileen Collier
Purpose can provide a sense of intentionality, guide behavior to achieve personal aims and living objectives, and may offer insight into how and why certain people remain healthy over time. A review of the literature sought to identify contemporary research pertaining to purpose and older adults. Thirty-one studies were selected for evaluation based on inclusion criteria. Research outcomes suggest that greater reported purpose is related to a range of better health and well-being outcomes for older adults. With few exceptions, the literature demonstrates that purpose declines with age...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Chih-Ling Liou
The purpose of this study is to compare similarities and differences in the attitudes toward aging among college students from Taiwan and the United States; 128 Taiwanese students and 124 U.S. students participated in this study. The findings indicate that the majority of students from both countries viewed aging as consisting primarily of physical changes. The differences are the U.S. students' drawings showing physical decline along with hospitals, nursing homes, or death, whereas Taiwanese students presenting physical decline as getting wrinkles, wearing glasses, or needing aid devices...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Kyuho Lee, Marissa Holst, Peter Martin, Leonard W Poon
The goal of this study was to explore the influences of proximal and distal life events on mental status in later life. Additionally, life events were categorized into positive and negative experiences. Data from 208 older adults over 80 years of age from the Georgia Centenarian Study were included in this study. Results from a series of blockwise regression analyses indicated that the number of distal negative life events that older adults had experienced was a predictor of older adults' better mental status...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Carolyn E Adams-Price, Danielle K Nadorff, Linda W Morse, Katherine T Davis, Melanie A Stearns
Long-term participation in creative activities has benefits for middle-aged and older people that may improve their adaptation to later life. We first investigated the factor structure of the Creative Benefits Scale and then used it to construct a model to help explain the connection between generativity and life satisfaction in adults who participated in creative hobbies. Participants included 546 adults between the ages of 40 and 88 (Mean = 58.30 years) who completed measures of life satisfaction, generativity, and the Creative Benefits Scale with its factors of Identity, Calming, Spirituality, and Recognition...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Geneviève Bouchard
This study aims to achieve a better understanding of the later stages of the family life cycle by exploring couples' marital quality during the empty-nest years of their relationships, using the actor-partner interdependence mediation model. The empty nest is the family stage that begins with the departure of children from home. In the hypothesized model of marital quality, husbands' and wives' satisfaction at having raised successful children serve as predictor variables, whereas their levels of perceived stress act as mediators...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Megan L Dolbin-MacNab, Loriena A Yancura
Globally, it is common for grandparents to serve as surrogate parents to their grandchildren, often in response to family crises and other challenges such as poverty, disease epidemics, and migration. Despite the global nature of this intergenerational caregiving arrangement, there have been few contextually focused examinations of how grandparents' surrogate parenting roles are enacted across countries and cultures. This analytic review addresses this issue by exploring demographic and cultural contexts, needs and experiences, and formal and informal supports for grandparents raising grandchildren in four diverse countries: China, New Zealand, Romania, and South Africa...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Vahidreza Borhaninejad, Mohsen Shati, Devender Bhalla, Abedin Iranpour, Reza Fadayevatan
This survey examined association between social support and self-efficacy with self-care in elderly with diabetes. A total of 374 subjects were identified in Kerman city, Iran who responded to questionnaires on self-care, social support, and self-efficacy. Data were analyzed by using SPSS. Along with customary descriptive statistics, we also determined group difference for self-care, and Pearson correlation, and prediction value of various variables by using hierarchical multiple regression. And 67.37% of subjects were classified as poor adherence to self-care; 55...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
Simon A Moss, Samuel G Wilson
Socioemotional selectivity theory assumes that older individuals tend to perceive their identity or life as limited in time and, therefore, prioritize meaningful relationships. Yet, other research shows that people who perceive their identity as limited in time tend to behave impulsively-contrary to the behavior of many older individuals. To redress this paradox, this article reports a systematic review, comprising 86 papers, that examined the consequences of whether individuals perceive their identity as limited or enduring...
January 1, 2017: International Journal of Aging & Human Development
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