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Current Medical Research and Opinion

Antoine C El Khoury, Dominic Pilon, Laura Morrison, Nina Shak, Maude Vermette-Laforme, Tony B Amos, Edward Kim, Patrick Lefebvre
OBJECTIVES: Multiple real-world studies have reported potential cost savings associated with second-generation antipsychotic long-acting injectable therapies (SGA-LAIs), including once-monthly paliperidone palmitate (PP1M). Yet, only about 12% of Medicaid patients with schizophrenia initiate SGA-LAIs, with poor adherence contributing to frequent relapse among patients on oral atypical antipsychotics (OAAs). The objective of this study was to project the economic impact when an incremental proportion of non-adherent patients with a recent relapse switched from OAAs to PP1M...
December 10, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
V Pollit, D Graham, C Leonard, A Filby, J McMaster, S J Mealing, L B Lovat, R J Haidry
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Endoscopic eradication therapy (EET) is the first line approach for treating Barrett's Esophagus (BE) related neoplasia globally. The British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) recommend EET with combined endoscopic resection (ER) for visible dysplasia followed by endoscopic ablation in patients with both low and high grade dysplasia (LGD and HGD). The aim of this study is to perform a cost-effectiveness analysis for EET for treatment of all grades of dysplasia in BE patients...
November 27, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Xiongjing Jiang, Meng Peng, Shuohua Chen, Shouling Wu, Weiguo Zhang
BACKGROUND: Previously we reported severe vitamin D deficiency in a large-scale cohort in Tangshan area in northern China. However, whether vitamin D deficiency is associated with cardiovascular risk factors has not been systematic examined in the cohort. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine the correlation between serum vitamin D status and lipid levels in circulation via an observational study. METHODS: Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] was measured...
November 27, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Jun-Jun Yeh, Cheng-Li Lin, Chung Y Hsu, Zon-Yin Shae, Chia-Hung Kao
PURPOSE: The association between pneumonia and neurodegenerative diseases (NDs) has never been reported in detail. We address this relationship with reference to a general population. METHODS: Using Taiwan's National Health Insurance Research Database to identify a pneumonia cohort (including the typical and atypical), we established an ND cohort of 19,062 patients and a non-ND cohort of 76,227 people. In both cohorts, the risk of pneumonia was measured using multivariable Cox proportional hazards models...
November 27, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Seho Lim, Oh Haeng Lee, Il Jae Yoon, Geun Joo Choi, Hyun Kang
Objective To perform a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing effectiveness and safety of moderate and deep sedation during colonoscopy. Research design and methods We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, CENTRAL and google scholar in May 2017 and updated in March 2018 to identify all randomized controlled trials that compared the effectiveness and safety of moderate and deep sedation during colonoscopy. The quality of studies was assessed using the "Risk of bias" tool. The primary endpoints were defined as patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, incidence of recall, and incidence of desaturation...
November 27, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Rainer Freynhagen, Harold Arevalo Parada, Carlos Alberto Calderon-Ospina, Juythel Chen, Dessy Rakhmawati Emril, Freddy Fernandez Villacorta, Hector Franco, Kok-Yuen Ho, Argelia Lara-Solares, Carina Ching-Fan Li, Alberto Mimenza Alvarado, Sasikaan Nimmaanrat, Maria Dolma Santos, Daniel Ciampi de Andrade
Despite having been referenced in the literature for over a decade, the term 'mixed pain' has never been formally defined. The strict binary classification of pain as being either purely neuropathic or nociceptive once left a good proportion of patients unclassified; even the recent adoption of 'nociplastic pain' in the IASP Terminology leaves out patients who present clinically with a substantial overlap of nociceptive and neuropathic symptoms. For these patients, the term 'mixed pain' is increasingly recognized and accepted by clinicians...
November 27, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Maurizio Serati, Marco Torella
OBJECTIVE: Iron deficiency and particularly iron deficiency anemia (IDA) can lead to negative health consequences. This review describes the importance of adherence and persistence (adhering to treatment for the recommended duration) with iron replacement therapy in the prevention of complications, particularly regarding its recommended dosing schedule. METHODS: Comprehensive literature searches were performed of Medline and the Cochrane library from 2000-2018. Keywords included iron deficiency or IDA, compliance or adherence, persistence, health beliefs, risk factor, complications, dosing cycles, oral iron replacement therapy and recommendations for duration, ferrous compounds, iron supplementation, dietary iron, and delayed-action/slow-release preparations...
November 26, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Yi-Yun Lee, Li-Na Kuo, Jin-Hua Chen, Yi-Chun Lin, Lung-Fang Chen, Yu Ko
The Longitudinal Health Insurance Database (LHID) 2010 was used to identify gout cases and their number of gout flares. Out of 21,376 gout patients, a total of 3,561 (16.7%) had frequent gout flares (> = 3 gout flares/year). Average all-cause healthcare utilization (35.9 visits vs. 30.7 visits; P < 0.001) and gout-related utilization (22.7 visits vs. 15.6 visits; p < 0.001) were higher in frequent gout flare patients than in those with infrequent gout flares. The median gout-related cost (USD $369 vs...
November 26, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Kim D Rainsford, Michael S Roberts, Alessandro Nencioni, Clarence Jones
OBJECTIVE: The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac epolamine (DHEP) formulated as a topical patch has demonstrated efficacy and safety in the localized treatment of acute pain from minor strains, sprains, and contusions, and for epicondylitis and knee osteoarthritis. The glycosaminoglycan heparin enhances the activity of topical NSAIDs formulated as a medicated plaster, even in the absence of any significant release of heparin. Therefore, DHEP Plus, a new formulation of the DHEP medicated plaster containing a small amount of heparin sodium as excipient has been developed...
November 26, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Chung-Hwan Chen, Abdulaziz H Elsalmawy, Sophia Ish-Shalom, Seung-Jae Lim, Nadia S Al-Ali, Joao L Cunha-Borges, Huilin Yang, Noemí Casas, Lale Altan, Thomas Moll, Sirel Gurbuz, Alan J M Brnabic, Russel T Burge, Fernando Marin
OBJECTIVE: To describe the study design and baseline patient characteristics of the Asia and Latin America Fracture Observational Study (ALAFOS) to better understand the profile of patients receiving teriparatide during the course of routine clinical practice in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Russia. METHODS: Prospective, observational, non-interventional study in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis who are prescribed teriparatide for up to 24 months, according to local medical standards, with a 12-month post-treatment follow-up...
November 25, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Jingqiao Zhang, Martin Rössle, Xinmiao Zhou, Jiao Deng, Lu Liu, Xingshun Qi
Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a serious complication of liver cirrhosis, which is of pre-renal origin due to central volume depletion together with cardiac dysfunction and characterized by oliguria with severe urinary sodium retention and elevated serum creatinine levels. HRS is divided into HRS I, which is rapidly progressive and mostly seen in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis, and HRS II, which progresses more slowly and is always accompanied by gross ascites. Liver transplantation is the best choice of treatment for HRS but rarely available...
November 25, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Tiffany A Moore Simas, Ming-Yi Huang, Cody Patton, Marcia Reinhart, Anita J Chawla, Christine Clemson, Adi Eldar-Lissai
OBJECTIVE: Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common medical complication of childbirth. PPD can be disabling, with potential negative effects on maternal health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as well as on children and partners. The objective of this study was to systematically review and summarize recently published literature describing the humanistic burden of PPD on affected women, their children, and partners. METHODS: Databases including Embase, MEDLINE, and PsycINFO as well as conference proceedings were searched for keywords related to PPD...
November 23, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Constantinos Pitsios, Nikolas Dietis
Adherence to allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is crucial for its efficacy. Subcutaneous AIT requires monthly visits (or more extended in the case of venom immunotherapy), while sublingual is performed with a daily intake of allergen drops. Non-adherence to an AIT schedule and premature discontinuation are common problems. Results from various studies have concluded to controversial results on the rate of AIT adherence. The aim of this review was to describe the problem of non-adherence and to offer some evidence-based advice to allergologists, on how to increase it...
November 23, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Sergey G Gavrilov, Yekaterina P Moskalenko, Anatoly V Karalkin
OBJECTIVE: Concomitant varicose veins of the pelvis (VVP) and lower extremities (VVLE) frequently coexist. This study evaluated the effectiveness and safety of micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF) in the treatment of patients with both conditions. METHODS: Female outpatients with concomitant VVP and VVLE received MPFF 1000 mg once daily for 2 months (Group 1), or 1000 mg twice daily for 1 month followed by 1000 mg once daily for 1 month (Group 2), based on pelvic pain intensity...
November 23, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Alexander А Soldatov, Jeanne I Avdeeva, Nickolay A Kryuchkov, Elena S Skosyreva
Currently, biotherapeutic medicines are the most effective options for the treatment of many severe and chronic diseases. For faster market entry of biotherapeutic products and their cost reduction, the principles of "biosimilarity" have been developed. Development and licensing of biosimilars is allowed only after the end of patent exclusivity of the original preparation period. Biosimilar medicines of human growth hormones, follicle stimulating hormones and insulins were registered in EMA. During development of biosimilar hormone medicines, differences in the profile of glycosylation between biosimilar and reference preparations were revealed...
November 23, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Kevin W Olden, William D Chey, Reshma Shringarpure, Jean Paul Nicandro, Emil Chuang, David L Earnest
OBJECTIVE: Severe diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D) is associated with decreased health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and increased health care costs. Treatment recommendations for IBS-D often start with traditional pharmacotherapy (TP), with escalation to alosetron, rifaximin or eluxadoline if there is no success. There has been no previous head-to-head clinical trial comparing IBS-D treatment outcome for alosetron versus TP. This study, GSK protocol S3B30020, evaluated resource use, work productivity, health-related quality of life and global symptom response in women with IBS-D who were treated with alosetron or TP...
November 22, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Jingbo Yu, Shreekant Parasuraman, Anshul Shah, Daniel Weisdorf
OBJECTIVE: Acute graft-versus-host disease (aGVHD) is a common and life-threatening complication of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT). The extent to which aGVHD increases inpatient costs associated with allo-HSCT has not been thoroughly evaluated. In this analysis, mortality, hospital length of stay (LOS), and costs associated with aGVHD during allo-HSCT admissions are evaluated. METHODS: This is a retrospective analysis of discharge records from the National Inpatient Sample database for patients receiving allo-HSCT between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2013...
November 21, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Rimei Nishimura, Haruka Kato, Koichi Kisanuki, Akinori Oh, Yoshie Onishi, Florent Guelfucci, Yukio Shimasaki
OBJECTIVE: To explore treatment patterns, persistence and adherence between fixed-dose combinations (FDC) and two-pill combinations (TPC) of oral antidiabetic drug (OAD) classes in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) using administrative claims databases (Japan Medical Data Center [JMDC] and Medical Data Vision [MDV]). METHODS: This was a retrospective, longitudinal cohort analysis conducted between 2011 and 2015, in patients with T2DM receiving OADs as FDC or TPC...
November 21, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Ming-Hui Tai, Jason Shepherd, Hollie Bailey, Nathan Williams, Maximilian Hatz, Ignasi Campos Tapias, David Catterick, Gavin Worth
OBJECTIVE: Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 antibody inhibitors (PCSK9i) are approved as adjuncts to maximal tolerated statin therapy to lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). This study describes real-world use, characteristics of PCSK9i users and non-users, and factors influencing treatment choice. METHODS: A physician and patient survey was conducted in Germany, Spain, and the UK from December 2016 to April 2017 through the Adelphi Dyslipidemia Disease Specific Program...
November 20, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
R Ffrench-O'Carroll, H Steinhaeuser, S Duff, J Close, J McNamara, N Ahmed, M Murray, T Rice, S Immanni
BACKGROUND: Tapentadol may allow greater pain relief with reduced 'opioid load' compared to oxycodone. Its use has not been studied in the obstetric population. The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy and side effect profile of tapentadol with oxycodone in patients who received spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section. The trial was registered with EU Clinical Trials Register with CT number 2016-001621-33. METHODS: This was a multicentre, randomised controlled trial...
November 16, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
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