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Acta Haematologica

Khon C Huynh, Thi-Hiep Nguyen, Dinh Chuong Pham, Huong T T Nguyen, Toi Van Vo, Marianna Gyenes, Volker R Stoldt
Platelet integrin αIIbβ3 possesses a Leu/Pro polymorphism at residue 33 (Leu33/HPA-1a or Pro33/HPA-1b). The Pro33 isoform has been suggested to exhibit prothrombotic features. αIIbβ3-expressing CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cells on immobilized fibrinogen show activation of the MAP kinase family member ERK2, with an enhanced ERK2 activity in Pro33 cells compared to Leu33 cells. In our present work, we examined how the Leu/Pro polymorphism modulates the ERK2 activation stimulated by 2 differently triggered outside-in signalings...
December 7, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Vivek Venkataramani, Ali Seif Amir Hosseini, Marco H Schulze, Lorenz Trümper, Gerald Wulf, Ulrike Bacher, Wolfram Jung
Pneumatosis intestinalis (PI), defined as intestinal intra- and extramural gas accumulation, is a rare radiographic finding in conditions of intestinal wall damage of varied etiology. Here, we report on a 56-year-old female with multiple myeloma who presented with undulating fever, fluctuating abdominal symptoms, and a distended abdomen 5 months after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Abdominal X-ray and CT scan documented PI with gas accumulation both in the intestinal and colonic bowel walls...
December 7, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Guangying Sheng, Zhao Zeng, Jinlan Pan, Qinrong Wang, Hong Yao, Lijun Wen, Liang Ma, Depei Wu, Suning Chen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 29, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Kiyoyuki Ogata
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 22, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Joji Nagasaki, Yasutaka Aoyama, Masayuki Hino, Kentaro Ido, Hiroyoshi Ichihara, Masahiro Manabe, Tadanobu Ohta, Atsuko Mugitani
BACKGROUND/AIMS: A high expression of Wilms tumor 1 (WT1) mRNA occurs in most cases of acute leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Although there are many reports suggesting that acute myeloid leukemia patients with high expression levels of WT1 mRNA have a relatively poor long-term survival, there are few reports addressing the relationship between WT1 levels and prognosis in MDS. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed 42 elderly patients with MDS whose WT1 levels at diagnosis were available, and we assessed the relationships between WT1 levels in peripheral blood and preexisting prognostic factors such as World Health Organization prognostic scores and Revised International Prognostic Scoring System risk categories, bone marrow blast percentages, and chromosomal abnormalities linked to a poor prognosis...
November 19, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Payman Baradar Bokaei, Daniel Grabovsky, Nadine Shehata, Chen Wang
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 17, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Ampaiwan Chuansumrit, Pimprae Pengpis, Pat Mahachoklertwattana, Nongnuch Sirachainan, Preamrudee Poomthavorn, Witaya Sungkarat, Praguywan Kadegasem, Patcharin Khlairit, Pakawan Wongwerawattanakoon
AIMS: To compare insulin sensitivity, β-cell function and iron status biomarkers in non-transfusion-dependent thalassaemia (NTDT) with iron excess during pre- and post-iron chelation. METHODS: Subjects with NTDT, aged older than 10 years, with serum ferritin >300 ng/ml, were included. Iron chelation with deferasirox (10 mg/kg/day) was prescribed daily for 6 months. RESULTS: Ten patients with a median age of 17.4 years were enrolled. The comparison between pre- and post-chelation demonstrated significantly lower iron load: median serum ferritin (551...
November 12, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Jiao Li, Lijun Wen, Junming Tang, Heng Zhang, Zhigang Zhou, Yunping Zhang, Yafeng Chen, Sisi Chen, Qiuxia Wang, Jianwei Shao, Wenzhong Wu, Suning Chen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 9, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Alessia Bari, Raffaella Marcheselli, Luigi Marcheselli, Isabel Alvarez, Samantha Pozzi, Paola Ferri, Antonio Lazzaro, Alberto Fragasso, Santo Neri, Luca Baldini, Angelo Michele Carella, Francesco Angrilli, Roberto Guariglia, Gabriele Buda, Caterina Stelitano, Stefano Sacchi
Single-agent bortezomib (B) has shown activity in heavily pretreated patients with relapsed/refractory indolent lymphoma. On the basis of these findings, we performed a phase II study of B combined with rituximab (R) in patients with relapsed follicular lymphoma (FL). Forty-five patients with fairly good prognostic profiles were enrolled from 2007 to 2011 and received a total of 6 cycles of the B+R combination. The endpoints were the overall response rate (ORR), progression-free survival (PFS), duration of remission (DoR), overall survival (OS), and toxicity evaluation...
November 4, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Francesco Longu, Claudio Fozza, Laura Dessì, Maurizio Longinotti, Silvana Bonfigli, Maria Grazia Careddu, Lorenzo Coppola, Domenica Barbara Giannico, Rosa Maria Nieddu, Luigi Podda, Simonetta Pardini, Fausto Dore, Simone Dore, Giovanni Sotgiu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 3, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Zhen Zhao, Ruixue Wang, Zhijun Huo, Chunlei Li, Zhiyong Wang
Sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) is a highly active lysophospholipid implicated in various cardiocerebrovascular events such as coagulation, myocardial infarction and stroke. However, as the functional S1P receptor antagonist, whether the S1P mimetic FTY720 can modulate coagulation and/or thrombotic formation remains largely unknown. We investigated the effects of FTY720 on adenosine diphosphate (ADP)-induced platelet aggregation, coagulation parameters and thrombus formation in rats. Pretreatment with FTY720 (2...
November 2, 2016: Acta Haematologica
Seongseok Yun, Nicole D Vincelette, Ivo Abraham, Soham Puvvada, Faiz Anwer
BACKGROUND: Some patients with low-grade lymphoid malignancies develop transformed disease, requiring stem cell transplantation (SCT). SCT outcomes in transformed low-grade lymphoid malignancies may differ from those of nontransformed disease or other aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas. We conducted a pooled analysis of the clinical outcomes of allogeneic versus high-dose therapy (HDT) with autologous SCT in adult patients with transformed low-grade lymphoid malignancies. METHODS: A PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane search yielded 4 comparative studies reporting allogeneic versus HDT with autologous SCT outcomes in adults (age ≥18) with transformed low-grade lymphoid malignancies, including follicular, chronic/small lymphocytic, and marginal zone lymphoma...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Supawadee Yamsri, Naruwat Pakdee, Goonnapa Fucharoen, Kanokwan Sanchaisuriya, Supan Fucharoen
Non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia (NTDT) is associated with various forms of thalassemia and genetic modifiers. We report the molecular basis of NTDT in hemoglobin (Hb) E-β-thalassemia disease. This study was done in 73 adult patients encountered at the prenatal diagnosis center of Khon Kaen University, Northeast Thailand. Hematological parameters and Hb patterns were collected, and α- and β-globin gene mutations were determined. Multiple single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) including the rs7482144/Gγ-XmnI polymorphism, rs2297339, rs2838513, rs4895441, and rs9399137 in the HBS1L-MYB gene, rs4671393 and rs11886868 in the BCL11A gene, and G176AfsX179 in the KLF1 gene were examined...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Naoki Mori, Mari Ohwashi-Miyazaki, Michiko Okada, Kentaro Yoshinaga, Masayuki Shiseki, Junji Tanaka
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Acta Haematologica
Murat Kose, Oguz Kagan Bakkaloglu, Shirkhan Amikishiyev, Timur Selcuk Akpınar, Basak Saracoglu, Tugce Akcan, Melike Oktem, Mustafa Nuri Yenerel, Kerim Güler, Tufan Tükek
Acquired hemophilia is a relatively rare clinical presentation, and most cases present with acquired FVIII inhibitor. The co-occurrence of inhibitors to multiple coagulation factors is uncommon. These autoantibodies may induce spontaneous life-threatening bleeding in patients who have had no previous bleeding disorder. Herein, we present a patient with postpartum acquired FVIII and FIX inhibitors who developed intramuscular hematoma and hemothorax during follow-up. She was then treated with activated prothrombin complex concentrate and methylprednisolone...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Mohamed Shanshal, Andrew Shakespeare, Seshadri Thirumala, Boyd Fenton, Donald P Quick
Dasatinib is a potent inhibitor of the altered tyrosine kinase activity in disease states associated with BCR/ABL1. This agent has been shown to exhibit broad off-target kinase inhibition and immunomodulating properties. These effects may be responsible for dasatinib's unique side effects including a distinctive form of hemorrhagic colitis. We report a case of hemorrhagic colitis associated with dasatinib use in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Colon biopsies at the time of symptomatic colitis confirmed CD3+CD8+ T cell infiltration...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Dan Gong, Wei Li, Liang-Ding Hu, Jian-Liang Shen, Mei-Yun Fang, Qing-Ming Yang, Heng-Xiang Wang, Xiao-Yan Ke, Hui-Ren Chen, Zhao Wang, Hui Liu, Feng Liu, Yi-Gai Ma, Jing-Wen Wang, Hong-Hua Li, Quan-Shun Wang, Yu Jing, Xiao-Ning Gao, Li-Ping Dou, Yong-Hui Li, Jian-Min Luo, Li Yu
BACKGROUND: The survival of patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with t(8;21) was reported to be shorter in China than in other countries. PATIENTS: We analyzed the correlation between different cytarabine (Ara-c) regimens and outcome in 255 t(8;21) AML patients in China who received postremission consolidation chemotherapy only. RESULTS: The 5-year overall survival (OS) of the high-dose Ara-c group (HDAC; 2≤ Ara-c ≤3 g/m2), intermediate-dose Ara-c group (MDAC; 1...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Muhamed Baljevic, Bogdan Dumitriu, Ju-Whei Lee, Elisabeth M Paietta, Peter H Wiernik, Janis Racevskis, Christina Chen, Eytan M Stein, Robert E Gallagher, Jacob M Rowe, Frederick R Appelbaum, Bayard L Powell, Richard A Larson, Steven E Coutré, Jeffrey Lancet, Mark R Litzow, Selina M Luger, Neal S Young, Martin S Tallman
Telomeres are the capping ends of chromosomes that protect the loss of genetic material and prevent chromosomal instability. In human tissue-specific stem/progenitor cells, telomere length (TL) is maintained by the telomerase complex, which consists of a reverse transcriptase catalytic subunit (TERT) and an RNA template (TERC). Very short telomeres and loss-of-function mutations in the TERT and TERC genes have been reported in acute myeloid leukemia, but the role of telomeres in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) has not been well established...
2016: Acta Haematologica
Burak Uz
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Acta Haematologica
Haa-Na Song, Seok Jin Kim, Young Hyeh Ko, Won Seog Kim
BACKGROUND: Mediastinal gray zone lymphoma (MGZL) shares clinical characteristics with primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma (PMBCL) and nodular sclerosing Hodgkin lymphoma (NSHL). However, MGZL is extremely rare, and an appropriate treatment for it has not yet been established. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed 8 patients who were treated with systemic chemotherapy for MGZL between 2007 and 2014. RESULTS: The patients with MGZL were predominantly young and male (median age 26 years), and 62...
2016: Acta Haematologica
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