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Circulation Research

Dianjianyi Sun, Tao Zhou, Yoriko Heianza, Xiang Li, Mengyu Fan, Vivian Fonseca, Lu Qi
RATIONALE: In observational studies, type 2 diabetes (T2D) has been associated with an increased risk of hypertension (HTN), and vice versa; however, the causality between these conditions remains to be determined. OBJECTIVE: This population-based prospective cohort study sought to investigate the bidirectional causal relations of T2D with HTN, systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP and DBP) using Mendelian randomization (MR) analysis. METHODS AND RESULTS: After exclusion of participants free of a history of heart failure, cardiovascular disease, cardiac procedures, and non T2D diabetes, a total of 318,664 unrelated individuals with qualified genotyping data of European descent aged 37-73 from UK Biobank were included...
January 16, 2019: Circulation Research
Ly Tu, Agnes Castan, Christine Mallet, Laurent Guyon, Amélie Cumont, Carole Phan, Florian Robert, Raphaël Thuillet, Jennifer Bordenave, Ayumi Sekine, Alice Huertas, Olli Ritvos, Laurent Savale, Jean-Jacques Feige, Marc Humbert, Sabine Bailly, Christophe Guignabert
RATIONALE: Although many familial cases of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) exhibit an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance with the majority having mutations in essential constituents of the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling, the specific contribution of the long-term loss of signal transduction triggered by the type 2 BMP receptor (BMPR2) remains poorly characterized. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the role of BMP9, the main ligand of ALK1/BMPR2 heterocomplexes, in pulmonary hypertension (PH)...
January 14, 2019: Circulation Research
Pan Zhuang, Yu Zhang, Wei He, Xiaoqian Chen, Jingnan Chen, Lilin He, Lei Mao, Fei Wu, Jingjing Jiao
RATIONALE: Evidence linking saturated fat intake with cardiovascular health is controversial. The associations of unsaturated fats with total and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality remain inconsistent and data regarding non-CVD mortality are limited. OBJECTIVE: To assess dietary fat intake in relation to total and cause-specific mortality. METHODS AND RESULTS: We analyzed data of 521,120 participants aged 50-71 years from the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study with 16 years of follow-up...
January 14, 2019: Circulation Research
Pablo Binder, Shunyao Wang, Maria Radu, Min Zi, Lucy Collins, Saba Khan, Yatong Li, Karolina Sekeres, Neil E Humphreys, Eileithyia Swanton, Adam Reid, Fay Pu, Delvac Oceandy, Kaomei Guan, Susanne Hille, Norbert Frey, Oliver J Müller, Elizabeth J Cartwright, Jonathan Chernoff, Wei Liu, Xin Wang
RATIONALE: Secreted and membrane-bound proteins, which account for 1/3 of all proteins, play critical roles in heart health and disease. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is the site for synthesis, folding and quality control of these proteins. Loss of ER homeostasis and function underlies the pathogenesis of many forms of heart disease. OBJECTIVE: To investigate mechanisms responsible for regulating cardiac ER function, and to explore therapeutic potentials of strengthening ER function in order to treat heart disease...
January 8, 2019: Circulation Research
Ravindra K Sharma, Tao Yang, Aline C Oliveira, Gilberto O Lobaton, Victor Aquino, Seungbum Kim, Elaine M Richards, Carl J Pepine, Colin Sumners, Mohan K Raizada
RATIONALE: Increased microglial activation and neuroinflammation within autonomic brain regions have been implicated in sustained hypertension (HTN) and their inhibition by minocycline, an anti-inflammatory antibiotic, produces beneficial effects. These observations led us to propose a dysfunctional brain-gut communication hypothesis for HTN. However, it has been difficult to reconcile whether an anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial action is the primary beneficial effect of minocycline in HTN...
January 7, 2019: Circulation Research
Jay H Traverse, Cory Swingen, Timothy D Henry, Jane Fox, Yale Wang, Ivan Joel Chavez, Daniel L Lips, John R Lesser, Wes R Pedersen, Nicholas M Burke, Akila Pai, Jana L Lindberg, Ross Garberich
RATIONALE: Postconditioning (PostC) at the time of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) may reduce infarct size and improve myocardial salvage. However, clinical trials have shown inconsistent benefit. OBJECTIVE: We performed the first NHLBI-sponsored trial of PostC in the United States utilizing strict enrollment criteria to optimize the early benefits of PostC and assess its long-term effects on LV function...
January 3, 2019: Circulation Research
Mona El Refaey, Hassan Musa, Nathaniel P Murphy, Ellen Lubbers, Michel Skaf, Mei Han, Omer Cavus, Sara Nichole Koenig, Michael Jameson Wallace, Daniel Gratz, Elisa Bradley, Katherina M Alsina, Xander Ht Wehrens, Thomas J Hund, Peter J Mohler
RATIONALE: Voltage-gated Na+ channel ( INa ) function is critical for normal cardiac excitability. However, the Na+ channel "late" component ( INa,L ) is directly associated with potentially fatal forms of congenital and acquired human arrhythmia. Ca2+ /calmodulin-dependent kinase II (CaMKII) enhances INa,L in response to increased adrenergic tone. However, the pathways that negatively regulate the CaMKII/Nav1.5 axis are unknown and essential for the design of new therapies to regulate the pathogenic INa,L ...
January 3, 2019: Circulation Research
Megan L Brophy, Yunzhou Dong, Huan Tao, Patricia G Yancey, Kai Song, Kun Zhang, Aiyun Wen, Hao Wu, Yang Lee, Marina V Malovichko, Srinivas D Sithu, Scott Wong, Lili Yu, Olivier Kocher, Joyce Bischoff, Sanjay Srivastava, MacRae F Linton, Klaus Ley, Hong Chen
RATIONALE: Atherosclerosis is in part caused by immune and inflammatory cell infiltration into the vascular wall, leading to enhanced inflammation and lipid accumulation in the aortic endothelium. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying this disease is critical for the development of new therapies. Our recent studies demonstrate that epsins, a family of ubiquitin-binding endocytic adaptors, are critical regulators of atherogenicity. Given the fundamental contribution lesion macrophages make to fuel atherosclerosis, whether and how myeloid specific epsins promote atherogenesis is an open and significant question...
December 31, 2018: Circulation Research
Monica Corada, Fabrizio Orsenigo, Ganesh Parameshwar Bhat, Lei L Conze, Ferruccio Breviario, Sara I Cunha, Lena Claesson-Welsh, Galina V Beznoussenko, Alexander A Mironov, Marco Bacigaluppi, Gianvito Martino, Mara E Pitulescu, Ralf H Adams, Peetra Ulrica Magnusson, Elisabetta Dejana
RATIONALE: The microvasculature of the central nervous system includes the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which regulates the permeability to nutrients and restricts the passage of toxic agents and inflammatory cells. Canonical Wnt/β-catenin signaling is responsible for the early phases of brain vascularization and blood-brain barrier differentiation. However, this signal declines after birth and other signaling pathways able to maintain barrier integrity at postnatal stage are still unknown...
December 28, 2018: Circulation Research
David Trac, Joshua T Maxwell, Milton E Brown, Chunhui Xu, Michael E Davis
RATIONALE: Congenital heart disease can lead to life-threatening right ventricular heart failure (RVHF). Results from clinical trials support expanding cardiac progenitor cell (CPC) based therapies. However, our recent data show that CPCs lose function as they age, starting as early as 1 year. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether the aggregation of child (1 to 5-year-old) CPCs into scaffold-free spheres can improve differentiation by enhancing Notch signaling, a known regulator of CPC fate...
December 28, 2018: Circulation Research
Chao Quan, Min Li, Qian Du, Qiaoli Chen, Hong Wang, David G Campbell, Lei Fang, Bin Xue, Carol MacKintosh, Xiang Gao, Kunfu Ouyang, Hong Yu Wang, Shuai Chen
RATIONALE: Striated muscle preferentially expressed protein kinase (SPEG) has two kinase-domains and is critical for cardiac development and function. However, it is not clear how these two kinase-domains function to maintain cardiac performance. OBJECTIVE: To determine the molecular functions of the two kinase-domains of SPEG. M Methods and Results: A proteomics approach identified sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium-ATPase 2a (SERCA2a) as a protein interacting with the second kinase-domain but not the first kinase-domain of SPEG...
December 19, 2018: Circulation Research
Wandi Zhu, Andrea Mazzanti, Taylor Voelker, Panpan Hou, Jonathan D Moreno, Paweorn Angsutararux, Kristen M Naegle, Silvia G Priori, Jonathan R Silva
RATIONALE: Mutations in the SCN5A gene, encoding the α subunit of the Nav1.5 channel, cause a life-threatening form of cardiac arrhythmia, Long QT Syndrome Type 3 (LQT3). Mexiletine, which is structurally related to the Na+ channel-blocking anesthetic lidocaine, is used to treat LQT3 patients. However, the patient response is variable, depending on the genetic mutation in SCN5A. OBJECTIVE: The goal of this study is to understand the molecular basis of patients' variable responses and build a predictive statistical model that can be utilized to personalize mexiletine treatment based on patient's genetic variant...
December 18, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2010;107:1374-1386.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2008;102:597-606.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2012;111:894-906.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2012;110:701-715.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2012;111:152-155.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2011;108:1467-1481.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2011;109:941-961.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
(no author information available yet)
Retraction Please see the following related article: Circ Res. 2010;107:305-315.
December 12, 2018: Circulation Research
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