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Journal of Food Science

Kanokrat Limpisophon, Gerhard Schleining
This study explores the potential roles of gallic acid in fish gelatin film for improving mechanical properties, UV barrier, and providing antioxidant activities. Glycerol, a common used plasticizer, also impacts on mechanical properties of the film. A factorial design was used to investigate the effects of gallic acid and glycerol concentrations on antioxidant activities and mechanical properties of fish gelatin film. Increasing the amount of gallic acid increased the antioxidant capacities of the film measured by radical scavenging assay and the ferric reducing ability of plasma assay...
December 5, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Gary Dobson, Gordon J McDougall, Derek Stewart, Miguel Ángel Cubero, Reijo O Karjalainen
The effects of juice matrix and pasteurization on the stability of total phenols and especially total and individual anthocyanins were examined in black currant (BC) juice and mixtures with apple, persimmon, and peach juices at 4 °C and 20 °C. Total phenol content decreased in all juices at both temperatures but there was a trend to lower levels in unpasteurized over pasteurized juices. Differences in the decline of total anthocyanins between pasteurized and unpasteurized juices varied according to the juice type and the storage temperature...
December 5, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Shuailing Yang, Xuye Liu, Mingdi Zhang, Songyi Lin, Feng Chen
Moisture absorbed into the powder of Met-Pro-Asp-Ala-His-Leu (MPDAHL)-a novel egg albumen antioxidant peptide-profoundly affects its properties. In this study, we elucidated water dynamics in MPDAHL using DVS, DSC, and low-field (1) H NMR. Based on the DVS data, we found that MPDAHL sorption kinetics obey a parallel exponential model. DSC results indicated that both water and heating could change the microstructure of MPDAHL. The T2 parameters of NMR reflected the different phases of moisture absorption revealed that there were 4 categories of water with different states or mobility in the MPDAHL during the moisture absorption process...
December 5, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Samson A Oyeyinka, Suren Singh, Eric O Amonsou
The physicochemical and mechanical properties of biofilm prepared from bambara starch modified with varying concentrations of stearic acid (0%, 2.5%, 3.5%, 5%, 7%, and 10%) were studied. By scanning electron microscopy, bambara starch films modified with stearic acid (≥3.5%) showed a progressively rough surface compared to those with 2.5% stearic acid and the control. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy spectra revealed a peak shift of approximately 31 cm(-1) , suggesting the promotion of hydrogen bond formation between hydroxyl groups of starch and stearic acid...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Tungalag Dong, Shuxin Song, Min Liang, Yu Wang, Xiaojing Qi, Yuqin Zhang, Xueyan Yun, Ye Jin
A layer of SiOx was deposited on the surface of poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) film to fabricate a PLLA/SiOx layered film, by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process. PLLA/SiOx film showed Young's modulus and tensile strength increased by 119.2% and 91.6%, respectively, over those of neat PLLA film. At 5 °C, the oxygen (O2 ) and carbon dioxide (CO2 ) permeability of PLLA/SiOx film decreased by 78.7% and 71.7%, respectively, and the CO2 /O2 permselectivity increased by 32.5%, compared to that of the neat PLLA film...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Regina Huber, Georg Kalss, Regine Schoenlechner
Background of this study was to understand the factors that contribute to sticking of fresh egg waffles on baking plates. The aim of this study was to investigate the sticking (adhesion) behavior of waffles on 4 different baking plate materials (ductile iron, grey iron, low alloyed steel, and steel with titanium nitrite coating) at different baking parameters (temperature and time) and application of 3 different release agents (different fat compositions). Baking plates from ductile and grey iron showed lower release properties of waffles than the 2 steel baking plates...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Danilo Izquierdo-López, Jacques Goulet, Cristina Ratti
Foaming as a pretreatment was used prior to freeze-drying of Bifidobacterium longum RO175 to investigate the potential acceleration of the drying rate and increase in microorganism viability after the process. A study on storage of foamed and nonfoamed freeze-dried products at 4 °C completed this study. B. longum RO175 in foamed medium could be freeze-dried in 1/7 to 1/4 of the time required for nonfoamed suspensions. In addition, foamed suspensions presented higher viability immediately after freeze-drying (13...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Rasool Soltani, Mohammad Hashemi, Alimohammad Farazmand, Gholamreza Asghari, Kiyan Heshmat-Ghahdarijani, Ali Kharazmkia, Syed Mustafa Ghanadian
Hyperlipidemia is associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis; therefore, control of this risk factor is very important in preventing atherosclerosis. Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) seed is used traditionally as a lipid-lowering nutritional supplement. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of cucumber seed extract on serum lipid profile in adult patients with mild hyperlipidemia. In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, hyperlipidemic patients with inclusion criteria were randomly and equally assigned to either Cucumis or placebo groups and used one medicinal or placebo capsule, respectively, once daily with food for 6 wk...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
David Martin Phinney, John C Frelka, Dennis Ray Heldman
Prediction of temperature-dependent thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, and thermal diffusivity) is an important component of process design for food manufacturing. Current models for prediction of thermophysical properties of foods are based on the composition, specifically, fat, carbohydrate, protein, fiber, water, and ash contents, all of which change with temperature. The objectives of this investigation were to reevaluate and improve the prediction expressions for thermophysical properties...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Shangci Wang, Koushik Adhikari, Yen-Con Hung
The objectives of this study were to determine and compare the sensory perceptions and aroma volatiles of 6 freshly roasted peanut samples and to explore the drivers of consumer acceptability. Normal-oleic Georgia 06G kernels (06G), high-oleic Georgia 13M kernels (13M), Georgia runner (mixed) in-shell (InR) & kernels (R), and Virginia (mixed) in-shell (InVA) & kernels (VA) were roasted to medium doneness for consumers, descriptive, and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) tests. For Virginia variety, InVA was preferred over VA...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
María S Mariotti-Celis, Rommy N Zúñiga, Pablo Cortés, Franco Pedreschi
Furan is a possible human carcinogen, which is formed in worldwide highly consumed fried starchy foods. In order to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for its occurrence in this food category and propose techniques for its mitigation, the kinetics of furan formation, oil absorption, lipid oxidation, and color change were studied in wheat flour-based model systems during frying at 160, 170, 180, and 190 °C up to 13 min and data were fitted to mathematical models. Additionally, an Arrhenius-type dependency with temperature was evaluated for all studied responses...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Giulia Chiodelli, Marco Pellizzoni, Gabriela Ruzickova, Luigi Lucini
Several foods on the market, such as yogurt and fermented milk, include mixtures of prebiotics and probiotic microorganisms effective in promoting the proliferation and equilibrium of intestinal bacteria, thus improving gut health. Particularly, researchers and the public have shown increasing interest in the combination of probiotics with natural substances that promote health or that can act as substrates to promote bacterial growth. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of different extracts of Aloe barbadensis and Aloe arborescens in fermented milk, taking into account both the prebiotic effect of aloe polysaccharides and the antimicrobial activity of several secondary metabolites...
November 25, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Ji-Hoon Song, Hae-Rim Lee, Soon-Mi Shim
The objectives of the current study were to determine S-methyl-L-methionine (SMM) from various Brassicaceae family vegetables by using validated analytical method and to characterize the intestinal transport mechanism of SMM by the Caco-2 cells. The SMM is well known to provide therapeutic activity in peptic ulcers. The amount of SMM from various Brassicaceae family vegetables ranged from 89.08 ± 1.68 μg/g to 535.98 ± 4.85 μg/g of dry weight by using validated ultra-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry method...
November 24, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Antonella L Grosso, Claudia M Asensio, Nelson R Grosso, Valeria Nepote
The objective of this study was to evaluate the sensory stability of coated walnuts during storage. Four walnut samples were prepared: uncoated (NC), and samples coated with carboxymethyl cellulose (NCMC), methyl cellulose (NMC), or whey protein (NPS). The samples were stored at room temperature for 210 d and were periodically removed from storage to perform a sensory descriptive analysis. A consumer acceptance test was carried out on the fresh product (storage day 0) to evaluate flavor. All samples exhibited significant differences in their sensory attributes initially and after storage...
November 22, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Panupong Yodkaew, Nathamol Chindapan, Sakamon Devahastin
The feasibility of using superheated steam roasting and wetting to control the water activity in an optimal range to mitigate oxidation of roasted rice was evaluated. Changes in the bed temperature as well as rice kernel moisture content, water activity, and color were monitored during fluidized bed roasting with superheated steam and hot air at 170, 190, and 210 °C. Air-roasted rice was rewetted to raise its water activity to 0.30 to 0.35. All the samples were analyzed for the total oil content, peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acid (TBA) value, and free fatty acids (FFA) content and compositions...
November 22, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Marlies A Lambrecht, Ine Rombouts, Mieke A Nivelle, Jan A Delcour
Noodles of constant protein content and flour-to-egg protein ratio were made with whole egg, egg white, or egg yolk. The optimal cooking time, water absorption, and cooking loss of salted whole egg noodles was respectively lower and higher than of egg white and egg yolk noodles. However, cooked whole egg noodles showed the best Kieffer-rig extensibility. Differences in noodle properties were linked to protein network formation. Disulfide bonds in whole egg noodles developed faster and to a larger extent during cooking than in egg yolk noodles but slower and to a lower extent than in egg white noodles...
November 22, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Leonardo Petruzzi, Antonio Bevilacqua, Maria Rosaria Corbo, Barbara Speranza, Vittorio Capozzi, Milena Sinigaglia
The aim of this work was to study Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from vineyards of the autochthonous grape variety "Uva di Troia" located in different geographical areas of Apulian region (Southern Italy). Four hundred isolates were studied in relation to H2 S production, β-glucosidase activity, and pigments adsorption from grape skin. Thus, 81 isolates were selected, identified through the amplification of the interdelta region, and grouped in 19 biotypes (from I to XIX). The enological performances were assessed to determine the content of residual sugars, ethanol, glycerol, and volatile acidity, after a microfermentation in Uva di Troia must for each isolate...
November 21, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Chao Yang, You Che, Yan Qi, Peixin Liang, Cunjiang Song
This study aimed to investigate the effect of the fast cooling process on the microbiological community in chilled fresh pork during storage. We established a culture-independent method to study viable microbes in raw pork. Tray-packaged fresh pork and chilled fresh pork were completely spoiled after 18 and 49 d in aseptic bags at 4 °C, respectively. 16S/18S ribosomal RNAs were reverse transcribed to cDNA to characterize the activity of viable bacteria/fungi in the 2 types of pork. Both cDNA and total DNA were analyzed by high-throughput sequencing, which revealed that viable Bacteroides sp...
November 21, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Carmen Salinas-Salazar, Carmen Hernández-Brenes, Dariana Graciela Rodríguez-Sánchez, Elena Cristina Castillo, Jesús Manuel Navarro-Silva, Adriana Pacheco
High standards regarding Listeria monocytogenes control and consumer demands for food products without synthetic additives represent a challenge to food industry. We determined the antilisterial properties of an enriched acetogenin extract (EAE) from avocado seed, compared it to two commercial antimicrobials (one enriched in avocado acetogenins), and tested purified molecules. Acetogenin composition in pulp and seed of Hass avocado was quantified. EAE were obtained by two sequential centrifuge partition chromatography separations and molecules purified by preparative chromatography and quantified by HPLC-MS-TOF and HPLC-PDA...
November 21, 2016: Journal of Food Science
Yong Qiang Ma, Xin Wang, Shuang Gao
A water-soluble polysaccharide (SCP-80-I) was isolated from sweet corncob using microwave-assisted compound-enzyme extraction and column chromatography. SCP-80-I is composed mainly of arabinose, mannose, glucose, and galactose in a molar ratio of 0.369:0.824:10.759:0.333, and has a molecular mass of 18350 Da and β-glycosides linkages in its molecular structure. The preliminary hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats was investigated. Rats were administered daily with 100, 200, and 400 mg/kg SCP-80-I for 21 d...
November 21, 2016: Journal of Food Science
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