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Transplantation Proceedings

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October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
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October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
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October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
J C Francisco, R Correa Cunha, M A Cardoso, R Baggio Simeoni, B F Mogharbel, G L Picharski, D Silva Moreira Dziedzic, L C Guarita-Souza, K A T Carvalho
BACKGROUND: In the development of new biomaterials for pericardium substitute, acellular amniotic membrane (AAM) presents potential for new applications in regenerative medicine. We studied an AAM as a pericardial substitute to achieve a suitable, cost effective, abundant matrix for the purpose of using it as graft for tissue repair. METHODS: Twenty Wistar rats were randomly divided into 2 groups (n = 10/group) and had their pericardiums excised. In the experimental group, the excised pericardium segment was substituted by a 7-mm-diameter patch of decellularized AAM sutured to the lesion area...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
F Jurenec, K Mihovilović, K Špiranec, A Sinđić, M Knotek
BACKGROUND: Anti-thymocyte globulins are polyclonal T-cell-depleting immunoglobulins used in induction of immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients. Thymoglobulin is purified rabbit immunoglobulin (Ig)G, obtained by immunization of rabbits with fetal human thymus, which depletes T lymphocytes by complement-dependent lysis and apoptosis, reduces production of cytokines, and decreases expression of adhesion molecules in endothelial cells. METHODS: To determine possible direct effects of Thymoglobulin on kidney cells during transplantation, we used the Human Embryonic Kidney cell line (HEK293) in culture...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
B Machaliński, A Brodkiewicz, K Szumilas, D Rogińska, M P Kawa, I Stecewicz, G Trybek, M Marchlewicz, B Wiszniewska
BACKGROUND: Aging is a multifactorial process defined by an accumulation of damage in all tissues and organs, including the skin, throughout the lifespan of an individual. The reduction of both cellular and extracellular matrix components of the dermis during the aging process is followed by the alteration of the morphology of the skin tissue. This study was conducted to assess skin morphology in men before and 3 months after the intradermal injection of autologous fibroblastic cells...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
H Li, C Chen, H Yao, X Li, N Yang, J Qiao, K Xu, L Zeng
BACKGROUND: Bone marrow micro-environment changes during hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) with subsequent alteration of genes expression. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (q-PCR) is a reliable and reproducible technique for the analysis of gene expression. To obtain more accurate results, it is essential to find a reference during HSCT. However, which gene is suitable during HSCT remains unclear. This study aimed to identify suitable reference genes for mRNA studies in bone marrow after HSCT...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
S-N Ma, Y-H Yuan, X-R Guo, D-S Li
BACKGROUND: Reliable and reproducible transplantation is essential to the success of a number of particular investigations. Renal subcapsule is the most selected site for islet transplantation mainly owing to its easy access, readiness for retrieval, and possibility of reimplantation. METHODS: Syngeneic, allogeneic, and xenogeneic islets were transplanted into kidney capsules of Balb/C and C57BL/6J mice, and the blood glucose levels of the experimental animals were periodically monitored...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
D Cao, Y Liu, J Li, J Gong
PURPOSE: Because the choice of anesthetic affects the rodent orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) model, we compared the effects of isoflurane, ketamine, chloral hydrate, and pentobarbital on the OLT model. BASIC PROCEDURES: OLT was performed using the two-cuff technique. Two hundred male rats were randomly divided into five groups: control, isoflurane, ketamine, chloral hydrate, and pentobarbital groups. Rectal temperatures, respiratory rates, arterial blood values (pH, PaCO2, PaO2, and SatO2), liver function tests and histopathology, recovery times, and anhepatic stage mortality rates were assessed...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
W Jiang, G Liu, W Tang
BACKGROUND: Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) has received a lot of attention in studies on ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury. TLR4 is one of the target genes for microRNA-182-5p (miR-182-5p)-mediated regulation. In this study, we evaluated the role(s) of miR-182-5p transcriptional regulation in a hepatic I/R injury model in vivo and a lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory reaction model in vitro. METHODS: The effects of miR-182-5p expression on the transcription and translation of TLR4 and several proinflammatory cytokines in a LPS-induced macrophage model were studied in vitro...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
Y Wu, Y Liu, M Li, Z Liu, J Gong
BACKGROUND: This study analyzed the effects of short hairpin RNA targeting interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-4 (IRAK-4-shRNA) via portal vein perfusion during different periods on ischemia/reperfusion injury after liver transplantation. METHODS: Rats were randomly divided into 3 groups: the cold ischemia transfection group (CIT group, n = 18), in which graft livers were perfused with the plasmid of pSIIRAK-4 expressing IRAK-4-shRNA for 4 minutes (0.5 mL/min) via the portal vein during the cold ischemia period; the in vivo transfection group (IVT group, n = 18), in which equivalent volumes (2 mL) of IRAK-4-ShRNA plasmid (pSIIRAK-4) were injected during the operation; and the control group (n = 18), in which the rats received equivalent volumes of blank plasmid...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
M K Balcı, E Arı, M Vayvada, C Salturk, E Aşıcıoğlu, G Kahveci, Ö Y Akbal, C A Kutlu
BACKGROUND: Right heart catheterization (RHC) remains the gold standard to diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension among lung transplantation candidates. Doppler echocardiography (DE) may be as accurate as RHC, without risks of an invasive test. The aim of the study was to assess the feasibility of DE for the measurement of pulmonary artery pressure in lung transplantation candidates and the correlation between pulmonary artery pressures estimated by DE versus measured by RHC. METHODS: A total of 103 lung transplantation candidates undergoing DE who were scheduled to undergo RHC within 72 hours were analyzed...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
T Gazdic, I Malek, L Pagacova, A Slavcev, L Voska, M Hegarova, L Hoskova, M Kubanek, J Pirk
BACKGROUND: Antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) is a serious complication of organ transplantation, and its treatment is complex. The aim of this study was to assess immunoadsorption (IA) for treatment-immunized patients before heart transplantation (HTX) and as the first step of AMR treatment after HTX. METHODS: The cohort consisted of 10 patients (8 men, 2 women; age range, 20-57 years). For 3 of these patients, IA was included in the desensitization protocol before HTX; for 7 patients, IA was the first step of the treatment protocol...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
M Awad, L S C Czer, J Mirocha, A Ruzza, M de Robertis, M Rafiei, H Reich, M Sasevich, K Rihbany, R Kass, J Kobashigawa, F Arabia, A Trento, F Esmailian, D Ramzy
BACKGROUND: The upper age limit of heart transplantation remains controversial. The goal of the present study was to investigate the mortality and morbidity of orthotopic heart transplantation (HT) for recipients ≥70 compared with those <70 years of age. METHODS: Of 704 adults who underwent HT from December 1988 to June 2012 at our institution, 45 were ≥70 years old (older group) and 659 were <70 years old (younger group). Survival, intraoperative blood product usage, intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital stays, and frequency of reoperation for chest bleeding, dialysis, and >48 hours ventilation were examined after HT...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
R Margreiter
The first experimental lung transplants were performed in 1947 by the Russian surgeon V.P. Demikhov. Thereafter, various aspects associated with lung transplantation were studied by groups from Italy, France, and mainly the United States. The first clinical lung transplant took place in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1963 and was performed by D. Hardy. Until 1983, a total of 45 lung transplants were carried out at various centers, but only one patient transplanted in Ghent by F. Derom in 1968 survived for 10 months, whereas all other patients survived only hours to a few days...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
D Musso, G I Robaina, A V Figueroa Córdoba, G D Martini, R A Albertini, C Chiurchiu, A H Tabares
BACKGROUND: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a major health issue that may result in complications such as post-thrombotic syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, and death. Appropriate thromboprophylaxis in individuals undergoing kidney transplantation remains unclear. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of symptomatic VTE and major bleeding within 90 days after renal transplantation (RT). METHODS: This was a retrospective study on consecutive patients undergoing RT at Hospital Privado Córdoba, Argentina, from January 1, 2006, to December 31, 2013...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
E Aldemir, H Coskunol, M Kilic, I Sert
Opioid dependence is an increasing public health problem. One of the complications of intravenous opioid use is hepatitis C virus infection, which, in turn, is one of the most common indications for liver transplantations throughout the world. Therefore, the treatment of opioid dependence in a liver transplant recipient requires special attention in terms of graft function, drug interactions, and patient compliance. Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid-derived agent with analgesic effects. To prevent buprenorphine abuse, it is combined with the opioid antagonist naloxone...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
B G Rogala, G E Malat, D H Lee, M N Harhay, A M Doyle, T E Bias
Clostridium difficile remains the leading cause of health care-associated infectious diarrhea, and its incidence and severity are increasing in liver transplant recipients. Several known risk factors for C difficile infection (CDI) are inherently associated with liver transplantation, such as severe underlying illness, immunosuppression, abdominal surgery, and broad-spectrum antibiotic use. We conducted a single-center retrospective case control study to characterize risk factors for CDI among patients who received a liver transplant from January 2008 to December 2012...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
J Tang, Y Shi, R Deng, J Zhang, Y An, Y Li, L Wang
BACKGROUND: Calcineurin inhibitor-associated chronic nephrotoxicity threatens the prognosis of liver transplant recipients. This study aimed to study the mechanisms involved by identifying the cytokine profiles in tacrolimus (Tac)-induced nephrotoxicity. METHODS: We enrolled 125 living-donor liver transplant recipients. All of the recipients had normal serum cystatin (Cys) C and urine microalbumin before transplantation. They received a Tac-based immunosuppressive regimen (Tac + mycophenolate mofetil + prednisone) thereafter...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
M Shimazu, Y Kato, S Kawachi, M Tanabe, K Hoshino, G Wakabayashi, Y Kitagawa, M Kitajima
BACKGROUND: Regeneration of partial liver grafts is critical for successful living donor liver transplantation (LDLT), especially in adult recipients. The purpose of this study was to investigate the intraoperative hemodynamic changes in partial liver grafts and characterize their potential impact on post-transplant liver regeneration in LDLT. METHODS: We examined the portal venous flow (PVF) and hepatic arterial flow (HAF) to partial liver grafts by means of ultrasonic transit time flowmeter of donors immediately before graft retrieval and of the corresponding recipients after vascular reconstruction in 48 LDLT cases...
October 2016: Transplantation Proceedings
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