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Fertility and Sterility

Peiwen Liang, Liuqing Xi, Juan Shi, Wanyu Li, Shaoqian Zhao, Yuying Deng, Rui Wang, Yingkai Sun, Bin Gu, Lihui Yuan, Yifei Zhang, Weiqiong Gu, Weiqing Wang, Jie Hong
OBJECTIVE: To compare the prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and related clinical characteristics between metabolically unhealthy obese (MUO) and metabolically healthy obese (MHO) women of reproductive age. DESIGN: Cross-sectional clinical study. SETTING: Tertiary hospital. PATIENT(S): We studied 299 MUO and 122 MHO Chinese women matched on body mass index. Metabolically healthy obese was defined as obesity with no more than one metabolic abnormality...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Qian Zhang, Guangyu Li, Lei Zhang, Xiaohe Sun, Dandan Zhang, Juanjuan Lu, Jinlong Ma, Junhao Yan, Zi-Jiang Chen
OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether the common variant rs2305957 spanning PLK4 (Polo-like kinase 4) confers risk to embryo development in Northern Chinese Han (CHN) women. DESIGN: Genetic association study. SETTING: University hospital. PATIENT(S): A total of 2,015 infertile women who underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF), 530 women with early recurrent miscarriage (ERM), and 600 fertile control women in the CHN population...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Renan Orellana, Javier García-Solares, Jacques Donnez, Olivier van Kerk, Marie-Madeleine Dolmans, Olivier Donnez
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate deep nodular endometriotic lesions induced in baboons over 12 months and analyze collective cell migration and nerve fiber density. DESIGN: Morphologic and immunohistochemical analysis of endometriotic lesions induced in baboons over the course of 1 year. SETTING: Academic research unit. ANIMAL(S): Three female baboons (Papio anubis). INTERVENTION(S): Recovery of induced deep nodular endometriotic nodules from baboons...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Luís Felipe Sávio, Nachiketh Soodana Prakash, Raul Clavijo, Oleksandr N Kryvenko, Ranjith Ramasamy
OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate a step-by-step approach to microsurgical partial orchiectomy (PO) in a man with a small intratesticular mass. DESIGN: Video presentation. SETTING: University of Miami Hospital. Institutional review board approval was obtained. PATIENT(S): A 22-year-old man with right testicular pain and swelling found to have a small, nonpalpable 8-mm hypoechoic testicular mass on ultrasound. Tumor markers were negative...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Katherine A Green, Jessica R Zolton, Sophia M V Schermerhorn, Terrence D Lewis, Mae W Healy, Nancy Terry, Alan H DeCherney, Micah J Hill
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of progesterone (P) for luteal phase support after ovulation induction (OI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). DESIGN: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis. SETTING: Not applicable. PATIENT(S): Patients undergoing OI-IUI for infertility. INTERVENTION(S): Exogenous P luteal support after OI-IUI. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Live birth...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Sara E Arian, Linnea Goodman, Rebecca L Flyckt, Tommaso Falcone
OBJECTIVE: To describe and demonstrate a novel surgical method for laparoscopic ovarian transposition. In this video, we present a unique minimally invasive technique for transposing the ovaries, whereby the ovary is tunneled through the peritoneum. DESIGN: Video presentation of clinical article. The video uses animations and a surgical case to demonstrate the detailed surgical technique for laparoscopic ovarian transposition with a unique feature. Institutional review board approval was not required for this video presentation...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Dean E Morbeck, Nikola A Baumann, Devin Oglesbee
OBJECTIVE: To determine compositions of commercial single-step culture media and test with a murine model whether differences in composition are biologically relevant. DESIGN: Experimental laboratory study. SETTING: University-based laboratory. ANIMAL(S): Inbred female mice were superovulated and mated with outbred male mice. INTERVENTION(S): Amino acid, organic acid, and ions content were determined for single-step culture media: CSC, Global, G-TL, and 1-Step...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Enrique Soto, Thanh Ha Luu, Xiaobo Liu, Javier F Magrina, Megan N Wasson, Jon I Einarsson, Sarah L Cohen, Tommaso Falcone
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether the use of the robot for surgical treatment of endometriosis is better than traditional laparoscopy in terms of operative length, perioperative parameters, and quality of life outcomes. DESIGN: Multicenter, randomized clinical trial. SETTING: University teaching hospitals. PATIENT(S): Women aged >18 years with suspected endometriosis who elected to undergo surgical management. INTERVENTION(S): Randomization to conventional or robot-assisted laparoscopic removal of endometriosis...
February 23, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Alessandra Babore, Liborio Stuppia, Carmen Trumello, Carla Candelori, Ivana Antonucci
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association between male factor infertility and openness to discussing assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment with levels of depression among men undergoing infertility treatment. DESIGN: Cross-sectional. SETTING: Not applicable. PATIENT(S): Three hundred forty participants (170 men and their partners) undergoing ART treatments. INTERVENTION(S): Administration of a set of questionnaires...
February 12, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Jonathan D Kort, Ruth B Lathi, Valerie Baker
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Soo Hyun Ahn, Vinay Singh, Chandrakant Tayade
Endometriosis is a debilitating gynecologic disease affecting millions of women across the world, with symptoms including dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, and infertility. Theorized to stem from the phenomenon of retrograde menstruation, the diagnosis of endometriosis is typically delayed by 8-10 years owing to misinterpretation of symptoms as common menstrual cramps in adolescent girls and young women. With increased incidence of endometriosis in young girls correlated with earlier menarche, the development of diagnostic biomarkers is imperative for diagnosing and treating women afflicted with endometriosis as early as we can...
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Sukhbir S Singh, Michael W H Suen
Endometriosis-associated pelvic pain and subfertility may be managed medically in many cases; however, the surgical management of this insidious disease remains a necessary part of the treatment algorithm. Laparoscopy for diagnosis alone is rarely indicated with the advancements in preoperative imaging. When surgery is performed, the ideal goal would be a therapeutic and effective surgical intervention based on the preoperative evaluation. Surgery for women with pain due to endometriosis may be indicated in patients who cannot or do not wish to take medical therapies; acute surgical or pain events; deep endometriosis; during concomitant management of other gynecologic disorders; and patients seeking fertility with pain...
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Richard J Paulson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Rebecca Flyckt, Alexander Kotlyar, Sara Arian, Bijan Eghtesad, Tommaso Falcone, Andreas Tzakis
OBJECTIVE: To share our experience in performing the first-ever deceased-donor uterine transplant in the United States. DESIGN: This video uses an animation and footage from a uterine transplantation procedure to review the steps and techniques involved in performing a uterine transplant. SETTING: Academic, multisite medical center. PATIENT(S): A reproductive-age patient with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome. INTERVENTION(S): Transplantation of a viable uterus from a deceased donor...
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Dana A Muin, Safoura Sheikh Rezaei, Max Tremmel-Scheinost, Mohamed Salama, Anton Luger, Michael Wolzt, Peter W Husslein, Michaela Bayerle-Eder
OBJECTIVE: To study sexual function, quality of life, and depression in men, whose female partners are undergoing double-blind placebo-controlled randomized treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). DESIGN: Open prospective cohort study of 22 weeks. SETTING: Academic medical center. PATIENT(S): Male partners of 30 premenopausal and postmenopausal women with HSDD. INTERVENTION(S): Baseline, 3-month, and 5-month assessment (for 8 weeks each) of male response to female partner's use of oxytocin nasal spray (32 IE) and placebo within 50 minutes before sexual intercourse...
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Dominique de Ziegler, Renato Fanchin, David Meldrum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 8, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Robert F Casper
For decades, combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) have been the first-line treatment for menstrual and pelvic pain associated with endometriosis without any clinical evidence of efficacy. Initial relief provided by OCPs is likely a result of improvement in primary dysmenorrhea. Biologic data and limited clinical evidence support a potential adverse effect of long-term use of OCPs on the progression of endometriosis. In contrast, there is randomized, controlled trial data to support the use of oral progestin-only treatment for pelvic pain associated with endometriosis and for suppressing the anatomic extent of endometriotic lesions...
February 2, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Alison Coates, Allen Kung, Emily Mounts, John Hesla, Brandon Bankowski, Elizabeth Barbieri, Baris Ata, Jacques Cohen, Santiago Munné
OBJECTIVE: To compare two commonly used protocols (fresh vs. vitrified) used to transfer euploid blastocysts after IVF with preimplantation genetic screening. DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. SETTING: Private assisted reproduction center. PATIENT(S): A total of 179 patients undergoing IVF treatment using preimplantation genetic screening. INTERVENTION(S): Patients were randomized at the time of hCG administration to either a freeze-all cycle or a fresh day 6 ET during the stimulated cycle...
January 27, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Mohamed A Bedaiwy, Catherine Allaire, Sukinah Alfaraj
Endometriosis can recur after either surgical or medical therapy. Long-term medical therapy is implemented to treat symptoms or prevent recurrence. Dienogest and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues with hormone add-back therapy seem to be equally effective for long-term treatment of pain symptoms associated with endometriosis. There is insufficient evidence to support the superiority of one therapy over the other. However, add-back hormone therapy (HT) is recommended for patients using GnRH agonists...
January 27, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
Mohamed A Bedaiwy, Sukinah Alfaraj, Paul Yong, Robert Casper
Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women of reproductive-age. The current treatments are surgical and hormonal but have limitations, including the risk of recurrence, side effects, contraceptive action for women who desire pregnancy, and cost. New treatments include gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues, selective progesterone (or estrogen) receptor modulators, aromatase inhibitors, immunomodulators, and antiangiogenic agents. Further research is needed into central sensitization, local neurogenesis, and the genetics of endometriosis to identify additional treatment targets...
January 27, 2017: Fertility and Sterility
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